Cardi B Says ‘Everybody Was So Nervous For My Career & Future’ As She Opens Up About Becoming Pregnant Before Releasing Her Debut Studio Album

Cardi B, Kulture

Cardi B Says ‘Everybody Was So Nervous For My Career & Future’ As She Opens Up About Becoming Pregnant Before Releasing Her Debut Studio Album

Cardi B is getting candid about her rise to fame and juggling motherhood in her latest interview.

Over the last few years, the Bronx native has skyrocketed to fame, seemingly thanks to her unique flow and bold personality. Between winning a Grammy, becoming the first female rapper to gain three Diamond Certified songs from her critically acclaimed album “Invasion of Privacy,” and scoring top charting hits like “WAP” and “UP’, Cardi B has seen a great deal of success.

Now, the 29-year-old rapper will grace the cover of Vogue Singapore’s “Ablaze” July issue where she opens up about the struggles she faced when becoming a mother early in her music career. Cardi B explained,

“There weren’t a lot of artists out there who had babies at the beginning of their career. I didn’t have an album out when I found out I was pregnant. Everybody was so nervous for my career and future, but I kept telling them, ‘It’s easy. Trust me, I’m going to have a nanny, and she’s going to travel up and down with me. It’s not even going to be a hassle.'”

Cardi B

The “I like It” rapper quickly learned it’s much easier said than done. After becoming a mother, Cardi B grew a lot more respect and appreciation for other mothers and the hardships they face when raising a child. She said,

“I have so much compassion—and love and appreciation— for all mothers in the world. There is no excuse, we have to do it. I have compassion for good mothers who get up and hustle and work, or even not work—having kids is work.”

She continued,

“Raising a kid is work. I have so much hatred for deadbeat mothers and fathers. It’s like, yo, bringing a baby into this world isn’t just like ‘I’ll figure it out.’ You have to be ready because you as a parent is all they got and all they want.”

Thankfully, Cardi B has a great support system and family that help her. She and her husband, Migos rapper Offset, share two children together– 4-year-old Kulture and 9-month-old Wave Set together. 

Cardi B and Offset’s daughter Kulture

During her interview, Cardi B also spoke on the pressure and harsh criticism she receives from fans and naysayers when it comes to her music career, sometimes making her feel like no matter what she does, it’s never enough. She explained,

“Sometimes, I don’t know where I want to go because I tell myself I want to beat these records but then when I do beat them, I feel it’s just not enough. Just because I haven’t put out music in a year, people get online and say, ‘She’s over.’ They compare me to every female rap artist, new or old. I get downplayed despite everything I’ve accomplished and worked so hard for. I need to sit down and say to myself, ‘Girl, you did that.'”

Cardi B continues,

“People make you feel like everything that you have worked for and what you have done is not enough. Sometimes, I get aggravated by that, but sometimes it don’t matter. Whenever I get an offer for a show, I’m not getting little baby girl money. I’m getting big girl money. It lets me know that the real people in this business that know real numbers, they know. My worth is way more than what people want to make me feel like I am.”

Check out Cardi B’s full interview with Vogue Singapore here.

Vogue Singapore’s “Ablaze” issue featuring Cardi B  hits newsstands on July 20.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole