Queen Latifah – Dog Trainer Cesar Millan Settles Lawsuit Where He Was Accused Of Covering Up Death Of Entertainer’s Dog

Queen Latifah - Cesar Millan

Queen Latifah – Dog Trainer Cesar Millan Settles Lawsuit Where He Was Accused Of Covering Up Death Of Entertainer’s Dog

Lidia Matiss and Cesar Millan are calling a truce.

Radar Online reported that young gymnast Lidia Matiss has come to an agreement with ‘dog whisperer’ Cesar Millan, putting an end to their ongoing feud and avoiding the trial that was slated to begin in August.

As previously reported, Junior, the pit bull owned by Cesar Millan, allegedly assaulted Lidia Matiss in 2017 and also allegedly murdered Queen Latifah‘s dog. The attack prompted the athlete to file a personal injury lawsuit in January 2021.

Junior‘s alleged misdeeds took place four years before his death at the age of 15 in July 2021.

Cesar Millan

In Matiss‘ lawsuit, she claimed she was visiting her mother in a Van Nuys, California building owned by Millan when she was attacked by the pit bull, which had been running loose in the hallways with no supervision or leash in sight. The gymnast was immediately rushed to the emergency room, where she learned the wounds to her legs and left calf were more severe than she thought.

As for Queen Latifah, In court, Matiss argued that Millan should have known to keep Junior on a leash due to the pit bull’s history of attacking other dogs. She said that Junior had previously mauled one of Queen Latifah’s dogs to death. Millan reportedly lied about the attack by saying the entertainer’s dog was struck by a car.

Millan denied the claims, with a rep saying at the time of the lawsuit that Mattis was “well aware” of the risks she was taking by visiting his training facilities. According to a previously released statement,

“This incident occurred over 4 years ago. Two weeks ago, Ms. Mattiss’ counsel sent a letter demanding that Mr. Millan pay her $850,000 – or she would be going ‘to the press.’ Mr. Millan refused to respond to this threat, and this interview is the result.”

The rep added,

“As everyone knows, Cesar Millan is one of the world’s most prominent dog training experts. Over his extraordinary career, Mr. Millan has fostered, and helped – literally – thousands of behaviorally troubled animals dogs – often with dogs at risk of being ‘put down.’ ” 

Junior was said to have a history of violence, being accused of biting several people and severely attacking other dogs in addition to the one owned by Queen Latifah.

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