Marlo Hampton Tells Kandi Burruss She’s A ‘Nobody’ That’s ‘Only Known In Atlanta’ During Explosive ‘RHOA’ Argument

Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton Tells Kandi Burruss She’s A ‘Nobody’ That’s ‘Only Known In Atlanta’ During Explosive ‘RHOA’ Argument

On last night’s episode (Aug.7) of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” things between Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burrus got heated.

New housewife and former track-star Sanya Richards-Ross surprised her castmates with a trip to Jamaica, and in typical housewife fashion, tempers flared during the first dinner.

Sanya Richards-Ross

The tension began when Marlo Hampton had strong opinions about Drew Sidora’s husband, who decided not to adopt her child after speaking to the biological father.

Marlo Hampton, who grew up in foster care, shared her ill feelings toward Drew Sidora’s husband and kept pushing the topic to the dismay of the cast causing none other than Kandi Burruss to speak up.

Kandi Burruss said,

“You do not think that it’s weird that you sent your nephews back and made them feel like, a way?”

Kandi Burruss – thejasminebrand

In a previous episode from this current season, Marlo sent her nephews, who she seemingly has guardianship over, to live with someone else. The fashionista wasted no time in firing back at Kandi. She said,

“You don’t think it’s weird what you have done… let your man feel belittled when it comes to your mother?”

Marlo then attacked Kandi by using statements previously made by Kandi’s mother Joyce Jones about the legitimacy of her marriage to Todd Tucker. However, after Todd Tucker joined in on the dispute to defend his marriage and himself Marlo continued on her rant against Kandi and said,

“Nobody [knows you] and only known in Atlanta.”

Kandi responded back and yelled,

“B*tch, I’m worldwide!” 

After the episode aired, Kandi took to Twitter to interact with fans and address what went down.

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Authored by: M. Hairston