Irv Gotti Claims Things Went Bad W/ Ashanti After She ‘Ran Like A Cockroach’ During His 2005 Arrest: She Was Ready To Abandon Me, The Person Who Made Her

Irv Gotti, Ashanti

Irv Gotti Claims Things Went Bad W/ Ashanti After She ‘Ran Like A Cockroach’ During His 2005 Arrest: She Was Ready To Abandon Me, The Person Who Made Her

It looks like Irv Gotti has some more things to get off his chest as it pertains to Ashanti!
As previously reported, Murder Inc. co-founder Irv Gotti, 52, has been sharing stories about his previous relationship with R&B singer Ashanti, 41. Now, Gotti is accusing the singer of abandoning him and the record label that built her career.
During a recent interview, Irv Gotti spoke with journalist  Tashara Jones and expressed that he felt betrayed by the “Foolish” singer after she allegedly jumped ship when he was wrongly accused of using his music label, Murder Inc. Records, to launder money for Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff of the legendary Supreme Team. Gotti explained:

“When the feds hit, she ran like the cockroaches when you turn the lights on. She was ready to get the f*ck off of the Murder Inc. label and she was ready to abandon me, the person who made her. And yes, I can say I made her. How do you know I can say that firmly? The minute I stop making her records – she has not made a hit since.”

Irv Gotti, Ashanti

According to reports, convicted crack dealer Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff began working on a movie project with Irv Gotti shortly after his release from prison, which drew the FBI’s attention to the label. Investigators raided its headquarters and later arrested Gotti, claiming in 2005,

“that the Murder Inc. empire took in garbage bags and shoe boxes stuffed with drug money and laundered it for a notorious Queens crack and heroin kingpin.”

Gotti was accused of laundering $1 million for McGriff but was later exonerated.

Ashanti signed to Murder Inc. in 2002 and released her self-titled debut album, which sold over 505,000 copies in the US in its first week of release. She later moved on to Def Jam and launched an acting career.

She also moved on from her alleged romantic relationship with Irv Gotti to a romance with rapper Nelly. The “Happy” singer and Nelly dated on and off for 11 years from 2003-2014.

Ashanti, Nelly

During his recent interview on Drink Champs, Irv Gotti spilled the beans on his relationship with Ashanti and discussed how he surprisingly found out that the singer and Nelly were an item. According to Irv Gotti, he was in love with his label artist at the time he discovered she became romantically involved with the Country Grammar rap star. However, fans point out the 52-year-old producer was seemingly still married at the time of reference. Gotti explained,

“I can get past you wanting to be with Nelly” 

To which N.O.R.E. laughed and quickly rebutted:

“Sounds like you didn’t get past that, just to be honest”

Gotti paused before continuing:

“At the time it happens, any man….is hurt. The chick you, f*cking are in love with, is with this n*gga. You wanna know how I found out?”

Ashanti, Irv Gotti

The famed producer continued, revealing that an NBA game he happened to be watching suddenly pictured Nelly with Ashanti on his arm. He stated:

“Listen to this, it was God wanted me to find out….I was at home. NBA package, I like watching sports. ‘Oh my God what’s this commotion going on in stadium?! We just found out what the commotion is. Nelly has walked in with Ashanti’.” 

He also shared how an intimate moment created a hit single. According to the decorated producer, Ashanti’s 2002 chart-topping record “Happy” was inspired after the fellow musicians had a love-making session.

Speaking on the song’s creation, Irv Gotti said:

 “Let me explain the relationship and how it worked, and how it worked to our advantage….We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, I’m taking a shower. I’m in the shower, you know, a n-gga be creative after [sex] … I think of the whole track in the shower.”

Singing the lyrics to “I’m so, happy, baby,” he concluded:

“The energy, that record came about ’cause of our energy.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole