Vivica A. Fox Hasn’t Spoken To Jada Pinkett Smith Since Calling Out Her Remarks About Oscars Slap

Vivica A. Fox Hasn’t Spoken To Jada Pinkett Smith Since Calling Out Her Remarks About Oscars Slap

It appears Vivica A. Fox has not spoken to long time friend Jada Pinkett Smith since criticizing her comments about Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars.

While on The Wendy Williams Show back in June, Vivica A. Fox reacted emotionally to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk remarks about moving forward after the infamous Oscars slap. Fox — who costarred with Will Smith in 1996’s Independence Day and with Jada in Set It Off that same year — said at the time, in part,

“I just wish we could have just a little more accountability and for it to not seem so self-righteous on Jada’s part, and that’s my feelings.”

Now, during a recent interview, Vivica A. Fox revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Jada since speaking out. Fox explained,

“I think they’re just really going through a season of healing right now. Listen, I love Will Smith. He’s one of my favorite people on the planet. We all make mistakes. If there’s one person that deserves a second chance, it is him. I think he’s taken full accountability for his actions and he apologized.”

The ‘Two Can Play That Game’ actress continued,

“I just hope that we can all move forward from the incident and learned that it must never happen again, especially on that magnitude of a stage.”

Vivica A. Fox

As previously reported, viewers nationwide were shocked at this year’s Oscars ceremony when Will Smith went on stage and hit comedian Chris Rock in the face. The slap came after Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s, bald head, which is caused by her alopecia condition. Shortly after the incident, the Academy released a statement saying an official review of the incident would be held to “explore further action and consequences.”

While accepting his first ever Oscar award for his performance in “King Richard”, Will Smith tearfully apologized to the Academy for his actions. Later that evening, he released a second apology to Chris Rock via his Instagram page. Although Will Smith issued a public apology and resigned from the academy, a decision was made to ban the Academy-Award-winning actor from attending any Oscar award ceremonies for the next 10 years.

Chris Rock, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith

After months of silence, Jada Pinkett Smith finally spoke out in June and briefly addressed the elephant in the room. During an episode of her Red Table Talk show, Jada told viewers,

“About Oscar night: My deepest hope is that these two intelligent, capable men have an opportunity to heal, talk this out and reconcile. With the state of the world today, we need ’em both, and we all actually need one another more than ever. Until then, Will and I are continuing to do what we have done for the last 28 years — and that’s [to] keep figuring out this thing called life together.” 

Then, on July 29, Will Smith broke his silence and released a public apology on social media to Chris Rock and his family. The King Richard actor said:

“I’ve reached out to Chris and the message that came back is that he’s not ready to talk. And when he is, he will reach out. So I will say to you, Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable. and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.”

He also cleared up the rumors that Jada pressured him to react to Chris Rock’s joke. Will explained,

“I made a choice on my own from my own experiences, from my history with Chris. Jada had nothing to do with it,” he said in the video. “I’m sorry, babe. I want to say sorry to my kids and my family for the heat that I’ve brought on all of us.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole