Jesse Williams Still Wrapped Up In Heated Custody Battle W/ Ex-Wife, Who Is Alleging She’s Being Bullied & Harassed By The Actor

(EXCLUSIVE) Actor Jesse Williams Prepping Divorce From Wife After 5 Yrs Of Marriage

Aryn Drake-Lee, Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams Still Wrapped Up In Heated Custody Battle W/ Ex-Wife, Who Is Alleging She’s Being Bullied & Harassed By The Actor

The custody battle between Jesse Williams and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee continues.

Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, went to court requesting that Aryn Drake-Lee doesn’t interfere with his custodial time with their two children, Sadie, 7, and Maceo, 6. Legal documents state that Jesse Williams wants his custodial time with their children to remain the same, which is reportedly 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday (June 28) until 8:30 a.m. on Thursday (June 30). Williams also requested the court to force Aryn Drake-Lee to submit documents, parental consent forms, etc., in order for Maceo to obtain his passport. Williams’ request was granted by the judge.

Jesse Williams and his first daughter

Drake-Lee submitted a letter to the court in response to Williams’ filing:

“I have told your client, Jesse Williams, multiple times that the passport renewal is in process.” 

Drake-Lee also claims that the renewal for the passport was paid for in October 2021. She claims their first interaction about the passport was in October 2020.

Drake-Lee adds in the court filing:

“He consistently ignored or attempted to use the matter, to secure himself other things totally unrelated to it, until very recently when he changed his position because he needs the passport for his personal purposes, which is now putting us all under pressure. Jesse only finally gave me the required document just two weeks ago. You don’t wait until you need a passport, to get a passport. Especially during times with clearly noted governmental delays related to the renewal process as a result of Covid.”

Drake-Lee addresses Williams’ custodial time:

“The judge already ruled on his time with the children while away in NY for the play “Take Me Outfor the month of June. I am already following her (the judge’s) orders.”

Jesse Williams & ex-wife Aryn

Drake-Lee continues:

“There is a clear history of purposely made false statements coming from both your client, my ex-husband, as well as from your Law Office and the attorneys involved. Bullying me, harassing me and having tantrums when you don’t get what you want at the very last minute. This is a repetitive pattern, seemingly quite by design. Creating as much chaos as you possibly can, and then blaming me for it.”

Drake-Lee gives note on how she and her ex’s negative communication can be avoided:

“If the orders are truthfully followed and your client shares necessary logistical details, instead of withholding them, with the goal being to find a reasonable solution, instead of using intimidation tactics.”

Drake-Lee states Williams, 41, and his lawyers are contributing to being a burden to her everyday work. During their custody battle, Williams requested the court to force Drake-Lee to find full-time employment to help pay for their children’s expenses. Williams was ruled to pay $6,000 (originally being forced to pay $40K) in child support monthly after claiming his income dropped drastically since their divorce settlement, and leaving “Grey’s Anatomy,” after 12 seasons.

Drake-Lee adds:

“Each week, I have something new to respond to. Oftentimes issues I’ve already addressed, with orders already in place. I could be creating income, and instead I am engaging with all of you.”

The ex-couple were married for five years before they filed for divorce in 2017. Their divorce was settled in  2019, and their child custody dispute was settled back in March.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill