Boosie Calls For Boycott Of Netflix’s ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ Series: This Is Some Sick Sh*t, What He Did To Our Race

Boosie on Jeffrey Dahmer

Boosie Calls For Boycott Of Netflix’s ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ Series: This Is Some Sick Sh*t, What He Did To Our Race

Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch) is calling for a Black boycott of Netflix.

The popular “Set It Off” rapper is not here for the controversial Netflix series DAHMER, which tells the story of serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys — mostly Black — between 1978 and 1991. In a tweet, Boosie said,

Boosie Netflix

Boosie seemingly became even more incensed during the day and followed up that afternoon with another video in which he reiterated how “sick” the series is and demanded that Netflix be boycotted in addition to making restitution to the families of the victims.

Boosie said,

“Us as Blacks we need to ban this Jeffrey Dahmer movie. This is some sick sh*t, what he did to our race. This is some sick sh*t. We need to boycott this damn movie off Netflix. This is sick. This is sick.”

He continued,

“The victims’ families should be getting paid off every dollar Netflix made. This is f*cking sick. We need to ban this Jeffrey Dahmer movie. This is some sick sh*t, it’s sick.”

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story — from famed creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan — stars Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse), Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) and Niecy Nash (Claws). According to Netflix’s official description of the show,

“Across more than a decade, 17 teen boys and young men were murdered by convicted killer Jeffrey Dahmer. How did he evade arrest for so long?”

The limited series has stirred up a lot of debate on social media, with some criticizing Netflix for further traumatizing the families of the victims and others arguing that true crime sells and the show might help increase awareness. Regardless, Boosie is not the only person to publicly express their dislike for the project.

As previously reported, Eric Perry, the alleged cousin of Jeffrey Dahmer‘s victim Errol Lindsey, shared his displeasure with the limited series on Twitter on Thursday (September 22). Eric Perry wrote,

“I’m not telling anyone what to watch, I know true crime media is huge rn, but if you’re actually curious about the victims, my family (the Isbell’s) are pissed about this show. It’s retraumatizing over and over again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”

He followed up with,

“Recreating my cousin having an emotional breakdown in court in the face of the man who tortured and murdered her brother is WILD. WIIIIIILD.”

The production crew of the show reportedly defended the project, claiming that the intention was never to humanize Jeffrey Dahmer, but rather to depict the victims’ points of view and illuminate how race and sexual orientation contributed to the killings. Evan Peters said,

“We had one rule going into this from Ryan [Murphy], that it would never be told from Dahmer’s point of view. It’s called ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ but it’s not just him and his backstory: It’s the repercussions, it’s how society and our system failed to stop him multiple times because of racism, homophobia. It’s just a tragic story.”

Evan Peters (left) & the real Jeffrey Dahmer (right)

Evan Peters (left) & the real Jeffrey Dahmer (right)

The limited Netflix series has garnered 196.2 million hours of viewing since its September 21 release.

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Authored by: S. G.