‘RHOBH’ Star Garcelle Beauvais Says ‘It Hurt A Lot’ While Speaking On The Racial Attacks Her Teenage Son Received On Social Media


Garcelle Beauvais

‘RHOBH’ Star Garcelle Beauvais Says ‘It Hurt A Lot’ While Speaking On The Racial Attacks Her Teenage Son Received On Social Media

Garcelle Beauvais opens up about the racial attacks her 14-year-old son received on social media.

During Wednesday’s (Oct. 12) episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, Garcelle Beauvais spoke about the various threats her 14-year-old son, Jax, received on social media in relation to his mother being on the hit reality show. She said,

“It was his first week of high school and my Playboy pictures were sent to him. It hurt a lot.” 

One of the threats turned racial when someone wrote to Jax, threatening that he could have ended up like George Floyd if it weren’t for him being half-white. Garcelle recalled,

“The one that really affected us all is someone saying, ‘If it weren’t for your white daddy, you would have a knee on your neck.”

Garcelle Beauvais

Host Andy Cohen quickly condemned these actions and called out the people who have been saying awful things to the cast members, some even receiving death threats.

“The amount of trauma that has come out of social media for everybody here is so heavy and it sucks…You can love our cast and you can love to hate our cast if you want, but only in the spirit of entertainment. Its a TV show, there is no room for this kind of hate.”

Andy Cohen

When asked if she thought that someone in the group may have purchased bots to say negative things about her online, Garcelle did not hesitate to reveal her true thoughts. She replied,

“If I’m going to be honest, I did absolutely…I don’t know if they would have said that, but I think maybe purchasing of the bots. It felt to me there was a pattern of attacking my children.”

She continued,

“So for me, it felt like I wasn’t wanted on the show so this is a way to get me out, because if you attack my children, most likely I will leave. “

As previously reported, Beauvais confronted cast member Erika Jayne for cursing at her teenage son during a recent episode of the Bravo series, with Jayne blaming alcohol for the incident. As Beauvais continued to address Jayne’s potential “alcohol” problem in subsequent episodes, fans defending Jayne have opted to call Beauvais‘ eldest son, Oliver Saunders, past substance abuse into question.

Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne

Some social media users, whom some suspect may be paid for “bots,” left comments under Beauvais‘ 14-year-old twins Jax & Jaid pages attacking their 31-year-old brother, such as:

“Your brother Oliver is a drug addict but your mom is calling Erika an alcoholic and making her look bad? Make it make sense” 



At the time, Garcelle spoke out on social media admitting that it was very difficult and hurtful to see her innocent children being attacked.

“I’m usually a very strong woman I’ve been raised to be strong my life has taught me to be strong but when it comes to my kids! It hurts it’s not OK I’ve been in tears all night it’s just a TV show people scream at your TV throw something at your TV but leave our kids alone #RHOBH”

Garcelle Beauvais & Sons

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Authored by: Monique Nicole