Retired NBA Player Matt Barnes Hit w/ Restraining Order By Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband

Melisa Andio and Matt Barnes

Anansa Sims, Matt Barnes, David Patterson

Retired NBA Player Matt Barnes Hit w/ Restraining Order By Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband

Former L.A. Clippers player Matt Barnes is facing serious harassment and child neglect allegations. 

A restraining order has been filed against Matt Barnes by his girlfriend Anansa Sims’ family members. In the court document, Melisa Andino is seeking protection for herself, her fiance David Patterson, and three children. The children – Ava, 11, David III, 10, and Dean, 8, belong to David Patterson and his ex-wife Anansa Sims.

Matt Barnes

Melisa Andino claims that the All The Smoke podcaster is mistreating the three children and she does not feel they are safe around him. 

In the filing, Melisa explained, 

“August 22nd. 2022: The children reported to me and my fiance. David Patterson, that they were scared of Matt. They said that he is not nice to them. They said they are treated like visitors at his home. even though they live there. Little David said that he spends most of his time in a closet at Matt’s house.”

She added, 

“They said that Matt only speaks to them at family dinners. They said the rest of the time, he goes into a room and smokes. They said that they feel like their mother loves Matt more than she loves them. This is very concerning to me since I have also been threatened by Matt Barnes.”

Melisa also said what she fears most is what the kids aren’t saying. She stated in court documents that she believes Matt had previously threatened the children to keep quiet. She also referenced videos on social media where Matt can be “heard cursing at the kids and seen pushing them.” 

Matt Barnes, girlfriend Anansa Sims and their children

Furthermore, she claims that Matt harasses and threatens her and Anansa’s family in group text messages, including David Patterson, Anansa’s mother Beverly Johnson, and Leesa Jackson

While she did not include specific text messages, Melisa did say, 

“I ask that Matt not attempt to threaten or harass me by speaking about me publicly on any public platform including social media. Matt has threatened to attempt to ruin my reputation and get me tired from my job and should not be allowed to speak about me to anyone. I am very afraid that he will try to slander my name.”

Considering Matt’s previous run-ins with the law, including an allegation that he choked a woman outside a nightclub in 2016, Melisa believes the restraint order is necessary. 

As of yet, Matt has not responded to news of the restraining order.

This has been the second order of protection filed against the former LA Lakers small forward during this relationship. Anansa filed a restraining order after their short breakup in 2020. She accused Matt of being obsessive, aggressive, and harassing her through text messages. The two have one son together, Ashton,4. 

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Authored by: Quita B.