Fat Joe Was Asked If He “F**ked”Ashanti After He Defended Her Against Irv Gotti: That’s My Sister 

Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, Ashanti

Fat Joe Was Asked If He “F**ked”Ashanti After He Defended Her Against Irv Gotti: That’s My Sister

During an upcoming appearance on Red Table Talk, Fat Joe revealed that a friend of his asked him if he had ever slept with Ashanti following his defense of her against Irv Gotti. He explained,

“I’m the brother that looks out for the sisters, but somebody had asked me, ‘Yo, why’d you jump out and defend Ashanti like that?'” This guy who’s a friend of mine he said, ‘Yo, you f**ked Ashanti?'”

The question, however, left the “Lean Back” rapper “flabbergasted.”

“This was like, blasphemy or some sh*t, right? Cause she’s been my sister for 20-something years. And Irv [is] my brother… I love him… I’m not trying to disrespect Irv. I’m talking about the situation.”

Ashanti, Irv Gotti, Fat Joe

Fat Joe continued:

“When somebody I considered one of my brothers was like, ‘Yo, you f—n’ her?’ Are you crazy? That’s my sister. And then I noticed that when I started telling him that that’s my sister, his whole face calmed down and said, ‘Wow, she really is your sister.'”

As previously reported, Murder Inc. Records co-founder, Irv Gotti joined N.O.R.E. for an episode of Drink Champs in August where he discussed his career in the music industry as well as his personal life. In the interview, he claimed that he had a sexual relationship with Ashanti, despite the fact that he was married at the time.

Ashanti, Irv Gotti

He discussed in the interview being heartbroken after finding out Ashanti had moved on with Nelly. He stated:

“At the time it happens, any man….is hurt. The chick you, f*cking are in love with, is with this n*gga.”

He also shared how an intimate moment created a hit single. According to the decorated producer, Ashanti’s 2002 chart-topping record “Happy” was inspired after the fellow musicians had a love-making session.

Speaking on the songs creation, Gotti said:

 “Let me explain the relationship and how it worked, and how it worked to our advantage….We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, I’m taking a shower. I’m in the shower, you know, a n-gga be creative after [sex] … I think of the whole track in the shower.”

Following Irv Gotti’s interview, Fat Joe took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the interview and did not hold back on the things he disliked. On Sunday (Aug. 7), the New York rapper shared an hour-long video discussing the issues he had when watching Irv Gotti’s interview, more specifically, the remarks he made about Ashanti. On his Instagram Live, Fat Joe said:

“Whatever Irv has with Ashanti, is 20 years old. I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him..But, when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later, it felt like he’s not over the young lady. Also we didn’t know that they was f**king. The whole time, I was there, on tour – I never seen them together like that.”
He continued,
“I’m not saying they weren’t because they were, there were rumors that they were, I never seen it. But I don’t need to know! It’s okay if it’s a documentary, but to go on Drink Champs and call her a b*tch [and ] keep disrespecting her [is wrong.]” 

Fat Joe


Fat Joe goes on to say that Irv Gotti speaking on Ashanti in a negative way causes his credibility to be questioned. He explained,
“I’m not the brother trying to stand up for Ashanti, Ja Rule was right next to him… I’m not telling stories about a girl I dated 20 years ago. In fact, I hope you die. Leave me alone….. So when you’re doing this, it looks like you’re caught up and not over the sh*t… On top of that, it brings less credibility to everything else you say.”

In response to Fat Joe (real name Joseph Antonio Cartagena) calling him a “sucker” for bringing all of this information up 20 years later, Irv Gotti said,

“I feel like he fooled me, he is not my friend. I was fooled. … But in life, everyone goes through friends, people who you thought was your friend. I’ve had countless friends come and go, but you know what remains consistent and why I get through all of it? My family, because I don’t really need friends.”

Irv Gotti

In October, Ashanti gave her version of events on Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, saying she found it “very weird” that Gotti would “just keep lying.”

“The one thing is that it wasn’t surprising to me, to an extent. I’ve accepted a long time ago that that’s the person that he is. But now the world is seeing.”

She continued:

“I feel like Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things… I don’t play in the mud, so I let that sit down there and I’m over here. It’s weird, it’s very weird when you know you’re lying and you just keep lying. And that’s where it becomes a little scary and a little mental.”

The “Foolish” singer said once she began dating Nelly, Irv Gotti was “salty” over it, and as a result would not let her come to the studio to record.

“Irv was telling everyone not to record with me. Why do I want to stay in that situation?” she said. “When someone is consistently saying to you ‘You ain’t s—,’ ‘F— you,’ ‘You not even f—ing loyal,’ ‘I made you, ‘I made the world want to f— you.’ He would say, ‘N—s wanna f— you because I made you look like that. I made you f—able.'”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole