Ciara Calls Out Media Outlets Who “Misquoted” Her About Past Relationship w/ Future

Ciara, Future

Ciara Calls Out Media Outlets Who “Misquoted” Her About Past Relationship w/ Future: Click Bait I Tell Ya


Ciara isn’t too pleased with publications who “misquoted” her.

Ciara recently did an in-depth interview with Women’s Health Magazine where she candidly spoke about her life, career, and overall growth. She also briefly spoke about her breakup from rapper Future back in 2014. Shortly after the article was published, Ciara took to social media to slam media outlets who “misquoted” her.

On Tuesday (Nov. 15), the ‘Level Up’ singer took to her Instagram Story and wrote:

“You be trying to walk this way, But sometimes social media be trying to have you walk that way. Nothing worse than being misquoted. But that’s life. Click bait I tell ya.”

In the original interview with Women’s Health, Ciara revealed what helped her become the wife and mom that she is today. She explained that I ‘told myself I’ve got to figure out how to navigate in the next chapter of my life’ after leaving Future.

“All the things I was aspiring to have at that time, even thinking about love… I was like, It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to. But I can’t love anybody to the best of my ability if I’m not loving on myself… I can’t be the best mom if I’m not loving on myself. So I put more focus on me, taking care of me; it was the best thing I could have done.”

The key to her new mindset was

‘knowing what gives you a release, knowing what gives you joy,’

and deciding to ‘Go to that.’


Since her split from Future, Ciara began dating NFL star Russell Wilson in 2015 and in March 2016, they announced that they were engaged. The pair later welcomed children Sienna, 5, and Win, 5. They also raise eight-year-old son Little Future whom Ciara shares with her ex.

Russell Wilson, Ciara Wilson, & Children

Ciara reflected,

“When I put more focus on me, I felt like I grew into another level of womanhood. Now, that’s a part of my armor in my life. I will always go back to it. And the next time, when I have my next baby, that place has done me well, loving on me.”

She continued:

“I am so much better to my precious babies because of that mentality. I’m better to my husband because of that. I’m keeping my sexy up. I’m doing the things that fill me up, that make me happy, that get me going.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole