Trey Songz Denies Brutally Attacking Bowling Alley Employee, Lawyer Says He Will Be Exonerated

Trey Songz

Trey Songz Denies Brutally Attacking Bowling Alley Employee, Lawyer Says He Will Be Exonerated

R&B star Trey Songz is on the defense once again and is refuting claims that he brutally attacked a woman.

According to a police report filed in New York City in late October, the 37-year-old is being accused of repeatedly striking a woman in the face inside a bowling alley bathroom. The alleged victim also claimed that the brutalization did not stop there. The report stated that he also grabbed her by the hair and dragged her. Through his lawyer, Trey Songz has vehemently denied the reported attack.

In response to the police report, Mitchell Schuster, the “Heart Attack” singer’s legal rep, said,

“A source close to the investigation informs us that TS has been cooperative with authorities and expects that when all the evidence is reviewed, he will be exonerated. This is another instance where those involved try to blame the celebrity with hopes of getting fame or riches.”

Trey Songz

There is no word on what led up to the alleged incident. A source only confirmed that the woman is an employee at the bowling alley and that she was able to identify Trey Songz by name to authorities.

Due to cases like this, the “Bottoms Up” singer seems to rarely have time for music. Trey Songz’s last effort “Back Home” was released in October 2020. Since then, accusations against him have stacked up — ranging from rape to assault. This year alone, his alleged violent behavior has been called out by male celebrities like Insecure actor Sarunas Jackson and podcast host Rory. Even 50 Cent banned him from upcoming future Tycoon events. In an IG post, the rapper wrote,

“Last TYCOON he crashed a Wraith, this TYCOON he was acting crazy, wanting to fight and shit over the girls. He broke some shit up in his room @antthaladiesman Nah tell @treysongz he can’t come. smh”

Trey Songz-Tycoon Weekend

However, Trey Songz recently scored a couple of wins. Earlier this month, Trigga’s civil suit for an alleged rape case was dismissed due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. In July, he was cleared of a sexual assault case in Las Vegas.

Let’s see how this new case fares for the “Can’t Help But Wait” artist.

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Authored by: Quita B.