Trans Woman Praised For Helping Army Vet Stop Suspected Colorado Springs LGBTQ Nightclub Shooter By Stomping Him w/ Heels

Victims Of Club Q Massacre

Trans Woman Praised For Helping Army Vet Stop Suspected Colorado Springs LGBTQ Nightclub Shooter By Stomping Him w/ Heels

Not all heroes wear capes, but some know how to effectively use what they got.

That much can certainly be said in the case of the recent tragedy that took place at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub on November 19. According to the army vet who took down the suspected shooter, a trans woman is responsible for making way for the moment that saved many lives that night.

If you haven’t heard, this past Saturday (November 19th), a gunman opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, killing 5 and injuring several others. The club was reportedly a known safe haven for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and a regular stop for many. The suspected shooter, 22-year-Anderson Lee Aldrich, was taken into custody following the attack. Aldrich reportedly had to be hospitalized, telling police he was attacked by two clubgoers.

One of the individuals being praised as a hero, army vet Richard Fierro, recently shared his side of the story. Fierro says after the gunfire began ringing out, he launched at Aldrich, trying to separate him from the weapon. After calling for backup, the army vet says a drag queen, now correctly identified as a trans woman, came to the rescue.

Fierro states the woman continuously stomped the gunman with her heels until he was able to get the weapon and beat Aldrich with it. Reports note that Fierro was covered in blood when police arrived and authorities feared he had killed Aldrich who was no longer moving. The army man was detained briefly but was released from police custody within an hour.

Sadly, Fierro also revealed that his daughter’s boyfriend Raymond Green Vance was one of the five killed that evening. Fierro attended the club with his daughter Kassy, her boyfriend, and his wife. The other victims who lost their lives include Daniel Aston, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Derrick Rump.

Club Q Victims

Reportedly, police are currently investigating the heinous murder as a hate crime. Details of the suspected shooter’s past have emerged, with reports claiming he was the target of online bullying and legally changed his name as a teen. Police are looking into if his troubled upbringing is connected to the recent murders.

At this time Aldrich remains in police custody as the investigation is still ongoing.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson