Lizzo Says It’s ‘Cool’ To See Rap & Hip-Hop Artists ‘Become Pop’ While Speaking On Racist Origins Of Mainstream Music

Lizzo Says It’s ‘Cool’ To See Rap & Hip-Hop Artists ‘Become Pop’ While Speaking On Racist Origins Of Mainstream Music

Rap and Hip-Hop music just may be the new pop, according to singer/songwriter Lizzo.

The “About Damn Time” artist said as much while addressing criticism she’s received that her music is too pop and “not Black enough” in a new documentary. Back in October of this year, Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, slammed accusations that she “makes music for white people.”

Lizzo has made quite a name for herself since breaking into the music scene in 2019. Despite the 34-year-old singer’s success, which includes 3 Grammy Awards and several nominations, one lingering critique is that her pop music is tailored toward white people. However, Lizzo believes the whole idea of music genres is inherently racist. During an interview featured in her new documentary “Love Lizzo,” the singer reportedly stated:

“Well, genres [are] racist inherently. I think if people did any research they would see that there was race music and then there was pop music. And race music was their way of segregating Black artists from being mainstream.”

She continued:

“So yes, because of that — fast-forward to 2022 — we have this well-oiled pop machine, but remember that it has a racist origin. And I think the coolest thing I’ve seen is rap and hip-hop artists become pop,”

The “Rumors” singer further addressed her critics by giving a little history via a few of her idols. Lizzo pointed out that although she believes today’s music industry is dominated by rap, Black pop stars once hailed supreme. She stated:

“Rap is running the game, and I think that’s so cool….But we forget that in the late ’80s and the early ’90s, there were these massive pop diva records that were sung by Black women like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. And I’m giving that same energy.”

Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston

Lizzo’s latest project shares glimpses of the singer’s life and tells the story of how she became a singing sensation. “Love Lizzo” features behind-the-scenes footage from concerts, studio sessions, and downtime, showing just what makes her who she is.

You can check out the documentary now streaming on HBO.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson