Takeoff’s Brother YRN Lingo Posts Heartfelt Tribute Following Rapper’s Passing: I Will Never Stop Looking Up To You

YRN Lingo, Takeoff

Takeoff’s Brother YRN Lingo Posts Heartfelt Tribute Following Rapper’s Passing: I Will Never Stop Looking Up To You

Late rapper Takeoff continues to be remembered by his loved ones.

The Migos member received an emotional show of love from his younger brother recently, who goes by the stage name YRN Lingo.

Takeoff, YRN Lingo

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Lingo wrote:

“Dear Take, I don’t know where to begin, I honestly still can’t believe it. My big brother, my right hand, my other half, my literal twin. The one I could call upon anytime no matter what time, weather, situation you were in. You always made sure the family was straight, even when I didn’t need anything you always gave me something.”

He continued:

“I hate that I have to move on with my life without you physically here, I wish I could just stop time and wait, but I know that can’t happen,” he added. “It’s a lot of things I’m going to miss about you, I could name them but it would be a full list and that would take forever. I looked up to you more than anyone on this earth and I will never stop looking up to you. I’ll carry your name until the day I die.”

Later in the post, Lingo went on to declare his intentions to follow his brother’s example of the way to live. He wrote:

“I have to live by your book now, think before I speak, love the family before anyone and anything, and most importantly put my faith in God…Take you fulfilled your purpose and more. You will forever remain in my heart, our hearts. Love you big brother always and forever!”

YRN Lingo, Takeoff

The young rapper also share several pictures with his brother, who is mourned heavily throughout the music world. As previously reported, Takeoff, born Kirshnik Ball, was fatally shot while visiting Houston on the first of this month. While the investigation is still ongoing, a report from last week stated one man at the scene was arrested on felony gun charges.

Many celebs have mourned the “Avalanche” rapper since his passing. Takeoff’s uncle Quavo and cousin Offset – who together make up the Migos – shared emotional tributes on social media and at his funeral. Offset’s wife, fellow rapper Cardi B, recently shared about the hard journey for her husband since his cousin’s passing.

Takeoff’s homegoing service reportedly exceeded the capacity of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta where the service was held. His obituary seemingly depicted the musician’s personality precisely as everyone has remembered. It read:

“Takeoff [is remembered as] a most gentle soul, with a peace about him alongside a wise demeanor far beyond his years…Endearing and impressive both on stage and in private life, Takeoff commanded respect wherever his path took him from musicians, family,  industry and peers alike.”


It continued:

“There are no words or sentiments conveyed that could aptly encompass the love so many had for him and the impact he made on this world. Takeoff would want the world to see the light in what he created and keep lifting each other up and supporting the creations people put into the world.  He’s now up there with the stars he loved so much and remains in all our ethers on a daily basis living on through his music and the love he brought to so many.”


We continue to pray for everyone affected by this tragic loss of life. 

Authored by: Kay Johnson