Deion Sanders Leaving Jackson State For Head Coach Position At University Of Colorado: A Coach Gets Elevated Or Terminated!

Deion Sanders Leaving Jackson State For Head Coach Position At University Of Colorado: A Coach Gets Elevated Or Terminated!

Coach Prime is off to bigger and more lucrative things!

Former NFL star Deion Sanders, head coach at Jackson State University for the past three years, just announced his resignation. After leading the HBCU institution to two championships, Sanders says he’s taking his talents to Colorado.

During his time at JSU, Sander’s made quite the reputation for himself and the team. Going 27-5 overall and winning two SWAC championships, Coach Prime seems to feel his mission to highlight HBCU athletic programs was successful. This past season alone, the Tigers boasted a record of 43-24. In a statement addressing Sander’s departure, JSU Vice President/Athletic Director Ashley Robinson wrote:

“Since arriving in Jackson, Deion ‘Coach Prime’ Sanders energized and elevated Jackson State football and Jackson State University to unprecedented heights…Coach Prime’s impact during his JSU tenure goes far beyond his 27 wins and back-to-back SWAC Championships on the field, to the thousands who have been motivated and inspired by him simply saying “I Believe”…I cannot thank him enough for his impact on me professionally and personally, and I know he will continue to have elite success as he has throughout his career as a player, coach, and businessman.”

Sander’s posted his personal address to the team on a video via his instagram page, where he stated:

“Either in coaching you get elevated or you get terminated, ain’t no other way…They either gone run you off or you gone walk off,”

He continued:

“I’ve chosen to accept a job elsewhere next year. I’m gonna finish what we started, we’re gonna dominate…and then with that conclusion we will move on.”

Coach Prime also discussed with players the next steps for them, and spoke about choosing to stay at JSU versus thinking something “better” will be on the other side. As many social media users noted, Sanders has has a profound effect in his few years coaching at an HBCU. A number of top after high school recruits opted to attend HBCU’s, seemingly sparking a change in the world of collegiate sports.

Deion Sanders

During his time at JSU, however, Sander’s also encountered several hardships. The State of Mississippi lost access to clean water back in August. Coach Prime reportedly spent his own money to put players up in hotels to have toilets to use and clean water to shower. Additionally, it was rumored Sander’s planned to donate his salary to invest in a new facility for the team.

It’s widely understood that colleges and universities tend to rely on their lucrative athletic programs to secure the best income for staff and training facilities. This explains why HBCUs suffer greatly. Many Black athletes choose to go to predominantly white institutions to have their best chance of playing with great coaches with great facilities and going pro. That also explains why Sander’s announcement was met with praise and disappointment online.

However, Coach Prime let it be known that it will be hard a hard transition. As a caption to the video, the football hall of famer wrote:

“A Coach gets Elevated or Terminated! Ain’t no in between. The hardest part about this whole thang is These young men, coaches, admin, trainers, equipment team, Photography team, Video team, housekeeping, Security, Johnny T’s , Fans, Alumni, Friends and whoever that were truly a blessing to our Program.”

Deion Sanders


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Authored by: Kay Johnson