R. Kelly Says He Did Not Record Or Release New Album: Somebody Wants This Album To Mess With My Appeal


R. Kelly Says He Did Not Record Or Release New Album: Somebody Wants This Album To Mess With My Appeal

Did R. Kelly drop new music from behind bars?

It seemed that way when an album entitled, I Admit it, allegedly recorded by the imprisoned R&B singer was leaked online on Friday (Dec. 9). While the beat, vocal style, and lyrics seemed to link back to R. Kelly, he denies any connection to the project. In fact, he claims he did not release or even sing it.

Gayle King & R.Kelly

In an audio statement provided by his attorney Jennifer Bonjean, the self-proclaimed Pied Piper said,

“Ok, what’s going on right now, I just saw the news. I talked to Jennifer earlier today, and apparently, somebody faked an album called “I Admit It” and put it out there as if I put it out there. I’m not putting out any albums, I haven’t put out any albums. I’m not even having any interest in putting out any albums, because my only focus is the appeal.”

R. Kelly also went on to suggest that someone may be trying to sabotage his appeal process,

“But it seems like somebody wants this album out to mess with the appeal, because why would I put an album out called I Admit It. Okay so that right there, that makes no damn sense. So, I just want people to know and for Jennifer to let people know as well, that’s not my album.”


As his legal team further investigates the release, the culprit has already been determined. It has been reported that the album was uploaded by Ingrooves, a distributor owned by Universal Music Group. This cleared R. Kelly’s former label Sony Music of any ties to the project. As for the artist himself, only time will tell if he at least sang it.

Whoever the vocalist was, they gave listeners an earful on the 19-minute single “I Admit It”. The “fake” R. Kelly allegedly used the opportunity to address accusations and rumors. On the track, he talks about being molested as a child, not being able to read the teleprompter at the Grammy’s, being broke, not owning his music, having dyslexia, and more. The “I Believe I Can Fly” artist also seemingly acknowledges his love for old and young women. Yet he denies that any of them were underage.

“R. Kelly”, real name Robert Kelly, also claims that he did not brainwash, starve, or kidnap any of his former lovers. He even apologized to his children. Among the familiar names mentioned are Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, and Tom Joyner, and the late singer Aaliyah. The latter he references as “love”.

R. Kelly, Aaliyah

Additionally, the song appears to answered whether or not the song was recorded as the “You Are Not Alone” producer sits in prison. A line in the song suggests that the track was produced prior to his arrest in July 2019.

R. Kelly allegedly sang,

I’m not convicted (Nope), not arrested (No)
But dragged my name (Yeah) in the dirt (Yeah)
All this work to be successful (Yeah, oh)
When you abandon me ’cause of what you heard (Yeah, heard)

The Federal Bureau of Prisons also confirmed that R. Kelly didn’t create any songs using equipment in prison.

The new album has been since removed from Spotify and Apple Music.

R. Kelly is currently appealing his 30-year prison sentence. The father of three was convicted of federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges in September.

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Authored by: Quita B.