Celina Powell Reiterates Claim That Trey Songz Sexually Abused Her Amid Singer’s Multiple Assault Accusations: I’ve Never Lied About The R-Word

Trey Songz, Celina Powell

Celina Powell Reiterates Claim That Trey Songz Sexually Abused Her Amid Singer’s Multiple Assault Accusations: I’ve Never Lied About The R-Word

Social media model Celina Powell has a few things to add about Trey Songz’s abuse allegations.

The socialite gave her alleged horror story encounter with the singer recently, three years after filing a police report accusing Songz of sexual abuse.

In a video nearly three minutes long posted to TikTok, Powell, 27, doubled down on claims the “Bottoms Up” artist previously forced himself on her in 2019. In 2020, the celebrity mistress circulated headlines after going public with her story about Songz, 38, alleging he locked her in a bathroom and made her engage in sexual activities with him. Powell said she decided to share her story again to “be petty,” but also warned women to stay away from the entertainer.

As previously reported, Songz has been accused by several women of being physically and sexually violent. Most recently, the R&B star was accused of punching a woman in the face and dragging her by her hair. Reposting an article of his latest abuse allegation, Powell stated:

“This is coming from multiple b*tches….and who was the first one? Me. – And who didn’t believe me? Everybody! Why? Because I was a clout chaser, which given, yea I lied about getting pregnant but I’ve never lied about getting, the r-word,”

Powell went on and gave details about how the incident went down. Allegedly, she and a friend were pulled at a club to join Songz in his section. Subsequently, her phone was confiscated and she was forced to travel with the singer through the remainder of the night. The social influencer claimed she repeatedly asked for her phone back so she could go home, but Songz repeatedly refused. She stated:

“We get into a sprinter van with hella girls, I don’t f*ck around like that…If it’s not me and you I’m not down. So I then tell Trey like ‘yo I’m not with the sh*ts I’m out…I’m not f*cking sitting in a bus full of b*tches it’s not me’,…he’s like ‘uh, no you’re not’, slams the door, pushed me…I’m like ‘whatever, wherever we’re going I’ll just leave from there’ “


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She continued:

“We go to a strip club, I  tell his security like ‘hey babe, can I have my phone’…his security was like ‘go ask Trey’, I go ask Trey, Trey was like ‘fuck no, you’re not leaving’ sat me down and was like ‘yo don’t f*cking move’ “

It seems things only escalated as the evening progressed. Powell continued, alleging she was held against her will and eventually forced into sex, stating:

“The night just keeps getting longer and longer….we go to his house, again I ask (for my phone) he was like ‘yo if you ask me one more time I’m gonna throw your phone over the f*cking balcony’. My duma** asked again, and there goes my phone…Then he proceeds to lock me in a f*cking bathroom for hours. My friend comes in and opens the door and finds me and I’m like basically crying, I’m like ‘yo we gotta f*cking go’. He then grabs me, throws me in the f*cking room. I leave, I call the cops and yea…stay away from Trey Songz.”

After claiming to have been thrown in the room, Powell made a facial insinuation for viewers to fill in the blanks of what happened next. During a 2020 interview, Powell claimed Songz made her have sex with him multiple times. The social media personality added the singer peed on her as well. The two exchanged verbal jabs online following the interview, with Songz denying any wrongdoing. However, Powell went on to post a copy of the police report detailing the incident.

To date, Songz has not been found guilty of any of the abuse claims against him. Though accused several times, most cases have been dismissed.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson