Mel B Says She Can’t Pay Court Ordered Legal Fees To Ex-Husband Due To Lack Of Work: I Would Have To File For Bankruptcy

Stephen Belanfonte & Mel B

Mel B Says She Can’t Pay Court Ordered Legal Fees To Ex-Husband Due To Lack Of Work: I Would Have To File For Bankruptcy

A Los Angeles judge has ordered Spice Girl and former “America’s Got Talent” host Mel B to pay her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte $500,000 in legal and accounting fees stemming from their divorce, but the singer says she can’t afford to do so. In a written statement, she said that she would essentially be broke if the amount ordered was not modified:

“I will effectively be insolvent and will in all likelihood have to file for bankruptcy. I simply do not have the ability to pay such an exorbitant sum.”

Mel B

The 45-year-old’s divorce from film producer Stephen Belafonte was finalized three years ago. Mel B reportedly has been unable to do much in the way of work due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. She cites that as a reason for her to be unable to meet the judge’s order along with her IRS debt of over $2 million, the $15,000 monthly spousal support she is reportedly paying out, as well as her own legal fees and a reported $7,300 in child support she’s paying for the former couple’s nine-year-old daughter Madison Brown Belafonte.

Reports say that Mel B originally wanted to move their daughter back to the United Kingdom with her. Mel‘s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte had been completely against the move and was fighting for full custody. However, Mel has apparently given up on her efforts to move Madison. In her request to the court, she said:

Because of my lack of access to liquid funds, I have formally withdrawn my international move away request that was previously pending as to Madison. I maintain my belief that it would be in Madison’s best interest to move to the UK and reside with me and her older sisters. I am devastated that given all the financial issues and implications, I am not financially able to advocate for Madison’s relocation to the United Kingdom.

Mel’s attorney Adam Schanz had reportedly asked for a date earlier than the original January 25, 2021 date to hear her request to modify the court-ordered amount. After some consideration, the judge in the proceeding, Judge Mark Juhas has moved the hearing date to January 11, 2021.

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