Antonio Brown — 911 Call From Athlete’s Alleged Domestic Violence Victim Released, Brown Accused Of Damaging Her Belongings & Sending ‘Explicit Videos’ To Son’s Phone

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown — 911 Call From Athlete’s Alleged Domestic Violence Victim Released, Brown Accused Of Damaging Her Belongings & Sending ‘Explicit Videos’ To Son’s Phone

New details surrounding Antonio Brown’s latest police encounter have surfaced

According to reports, Antonio Brown’s former fiancee, who accused him of domestic violence back in November, also told the Tampa Police Department that the ex-NFL star damaged her property and sent “explicit videos” to her son during the dispute. While on the phone with the dispatcher, the woman shared that she and the father of her children had gotten into an argument at their Florida residence on Nov. 28.  In the recently released audio, She said:

“So I have five kids. You guys have been called multiple times before to this address, but I have five kids that live with me.”

Referring to Antonio Brown, she continued:

“He shows up when he wants too, the kid’s dad. We had just gotten home last night. He’s started throwing a fit this morning, so before it escalates into anything violent, I just packed up…just literally took the kids outside and left.”

She explained:

“We were down at the neighbors and now he’s sitting all of my clothes and stuff outside. He’s sending explicit videos to my son’s phone.”

She noted:

“All my purses, like, my purse and stuff are in there. He smashed my computer.”

As previously reportedBrown was accused of domestic violence last year. Initial reports claimed he threw a shoe at a woman after locking her out of the home. The police report read:

“The suspect exited the residence and threw a shoe at the victim striking her in the ponytail.” 

The police report added:

“The victim had no injuries but believed the shoe was meant for her head. The suspect would not open the door or come outside to speak with officers. The suspect also during this incident attempted to issue an informal eviction to the victim.”

He reportedly barricaded himself in the house and threatened to shoot the woman, his ex, if she tried to enter the home.

Antonio Brown

However, on Dec. 20, Brown’s misdemeanor battery charges were dropped and the warrant for the NFL free agent’s arrest was terminated by Florida authorities after his alleged victim recanted her testimony. At the time, State attorney Susan S. Lopez explained that the decision to drop Brown’s charges was made because her office could not prove battery occurred. Lopez’s statement read:

“After the alleged victim was sworn-in she recanted her previous allegations regarding Mr. Brown’s intent to strike her or cause her bodily harm.”

The statement continued:

“The [State Attorney’s Office or SAO] analyzed this new information along with the body worn camera video recorded at the scene, the Child Protective Services investigation, and the denial of a law enforcement’s Temporary Risk Protection Order and determined we could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt a battery took place.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill