Update: Kobe Bryant’s Signed Jersey From MVP Season Sells For $5.8 million

Kobe Bryant

Update: Kobe Bryant’s Signed Jersey From MVP Season Sells For $5.8 million

Update: Someone just dropped some serious coins to get a piece of Kobe Bryant!

According to reports, Kobe Bryant’s game-worn jersey from his MVP season is officially off the market. The item reportedly sold for $5.8 million. This hefty fee sets a new record for Kobe-related sports memorabilia sold during an auction. It’s also set the record as the second-most valuable basketball jersey to ever hit the market.


Original story: (Jan. 12, 2023): Kobe Bryant’s game-worn jersey from his MVP season is about to go up for auction, and it’s expected to be his most valuable item ever to go up for sale.

According to reports, the signed Purple and Gold jersey could sell for $7 million. Kobe Bryant wore this jersey in 25 games during his 2007-2008 MVP season – which was the only time the legend won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award in his 20-year career.

He averaged 28.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game that season and led the Lakers to the NBA Finals. This is also the same jersey Kobe Bryant was seen tugging on in the first round of the 2008 playoffs, which has become one of Bryant’s most iconic photos of all time.

Sotheby’s, which is hosting the auction, had this to say:

“It’s rare that an athlete can move past the bounds of their sport, but Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the special few who has left an everlasting impact on the world. This jersey was worn by Kobe in one of the most iconic photos of him ever taken and has seeped its way into the global popular zeitgeist, becoming synonymous with Kobe’s ‘Mamba Mentality.'”

They continued,

“Sports artifacts with this type of long-term, heavy wear are a rarity in the collecting space, with many modern items worn for just a single game. The fact that Kobe scored a total of 645 points over eight months in this jersey, in his only MVP season, is simply stunning.”

The jersey is expected to sell for anywhere between $5-7 million when bidding opens up on Feb. 2.

Last year, one of Kobe Bryant’s collab cards, which includes Michael Jordan and Lebron James, was set to sell for $3 million. The Upper Deck Exquisite Triple Logoman card, which contains actual jersey patches from all three of the NBA legends and is said to be the only one of its kind, still remains in perfect condition.

The Logoman card features a patch worn from when Michael Jordan was with the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James’ first tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a No. 24 Los Angeles Lakers jersey worn by the late Kobe Bryant.

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan

As previously reported, on January 26, 2020, Kobe BryantGianna Bryant, and seven others boarded a helicopter as they were traveling to a basketball game at Mamba Sports Academy. Almost a half-hour into the helicopter ride, the helicopter crashed into the side of a mountain in Calabasas. All nine passengers were killed on impact.

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