Cardi B Slams Homophobic People: “You Just Ugly”

Cardi B

Cardi B  Slams Homophobic People: “You Just Ugly”


When it comes to Cardi B, 29, we can always be rest assured that she is going to speak her mind freely. On Tuesday (Jan. 4) the outgoing rapper took to Twitter with an interesting message about homophobic people. She wrote,

“Every bad b*ch have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin…. If you homophobic you just ugly.”


It’s unclear what prompted the tweet, but it’s safe to say it garnered a lot of attention. Some social media users agreed with Cardi’s comment and felt it was in support of the LGBTQ community, while others felt offended. See reactions below:






While Cardi B, (born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) has been an ally for the LGBTQ community, her husband, rapper Offset has previously caught some heat from the community. Back in 2018, the “Migos” member made headlines after rapping  a homophobic lyric in a song titled “Boss Life” by Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci. During his verse, Offset rapped the controversial lyrics,

“Pinky ring crystal clear, 40k spent on a private Lear/60k solitaire/I cannot vibe with queers.”


Offset claimed that he did not use the word “queers” as a homophobic slur. The rapper took to Instagram to issue an apology as well feature a Google definition of the word “queer,” he wrote,

“I didn’t write the line about gay people.”

He continued,

“I have said before since these issues before that I got love for all people. My passion for fashion has lead me to a lot of gay people around me who I have mad respect for and we are very cool so I’m not in a place where I’m hating like that. When I wrote that I was thinking of words that could rhyme with the others (here, lear, solitaire, bear) and I saw this definition about her having a queer feeling she was being watched and it fit what I was thinking about a stalker creepy paparazzi situation.”

Since then, it appears the rapper has stayed clear from offending the LGBTQ community with any controversial lyrics.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole