Xscape Member LaTocha Scott In Tears While Apologizing To Fellow Group Members For Ongoing Drama: I Didn’t Understand


Xscape Member LaTocha Scott In Tears While Apologizing To Fellow Group Members For Ongoing Drama: I Didn’t Understand

Looks like LaTocha Scott is ready for redemption!

The Xscape songstress welled with tears during a recent Instagram live where she apologized individually to her fellow group members for years of ongoing drama.


While there has been A LOT going on within the group over their decades together, the problems seem to have been extra turbulent lately. The situation came to a head recently after Tamika Scott accused her sister LaTocha and brother in law Rocky Bivens of stealing money from her. The Scott sister’s publicly feuded back and forth with both refuting one another’s claims. However, an on air argument with fellow musician Da Brat during an impromptu episode of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show seems to have been a turning point.

LaTocha cited the conversation with the So So Def artist as a moment that hit her with a ton of clarity during the subsequent Instagram live. She reportedly stated in the video:

“Yesterday I had an interview….and Da Brat and I had some words,”

LaTocha Scott

She continued:

“I didn’t understand why when she said to me ‘that Kandi felt sad about you being the leader of the group. She felt sad.’ I said ‘she felt sad? That’s the first time I ever heard this. It’s news to me. Even in that, I have to take accountability,”

LaTocha, who’s maintained a well seasoned beef with ‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss, went on to apologize to her fellow group member. She stated:

“If I overlooked you, Kandi, I am sorry. I never wanted to do that. I never knew you were sad. I know what that sadness feels like, I really do. When we were in a group, I just wanted us to sing and be successful,” she continued. “I’m 17, 18-years- old, so what do I know? I’m sorry if I made you feel sad. That was never my intention.”

Next, the singer apologized to group member Tiny Harris. The Family Hustle star previously spoke about the drama, noting that she was disheartened, especially due to her fondness for LaTocha. She continued:

“To Tiny, who I consider my friend, I think of you as family…You are the one who always tried to bring things together for us. I kind of alienated myself from you because I was trying to figure out everything….We’re like sisters and I didn’t talk to my sister. Maybe you could’ve shed light on some things that I probably needed to hear,”


Last but not least, LaTocha went on to directly address her sister Tamika, stating:

“To my sister, Tamika, everybody knows that my family is everything to me. Everything!…I’ve been reaching out to you and I’m praying that things get better. This is not me coming on here trying to make somebody look bad or nothing. I’m speaking from my heart. Mama didn’t raise us this way.”

LaTocha reportedly went on to express that she hopes to rectify the money issue with her sister, as she had only recently found about it. The singer maintains that she did not steal from her sister, however, noting that the time in question was a period they both struggled financially and leaned on each other for support.

LaTocha, Tamika Scott

Despite her efforts to clear the air, it seems internet users are not sold on LaTocha’s intentions. Many reacted to the instagram live video, questioning inconsistencies in the story. Some users urged the musician to leave her husband, suggesting that Rocky is to blame for the stolen money and strife with her sibling. Others seem to be rooting for the group, hoping they can move forward past their long history of drama.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson