Wendy Williams Visits Hometown Amid Filming For Reality TV Show Set To Air This Fall

Wendy Williams Visits Hometown Amid Filming For Reality TV Show Set To Air This Fall

Wendy Williams has a reality television show on the way!

According to reports, the famed media mogul is filming a reality television show that’s set to premiere this fall. Wendy Williams was recently spotted walking out of her childhood home (named after her in 2014) in Asbury Park, New Jersey while filming for her latest project. 


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Cameras also followed the former radio host in different places around the seaside community. A woman who witnessed the filming shared that last month she saw Wendy Williams, alongside a film crew of 10-12 people, shooting scenes for her reality series on the boardwalk. According to reports, Wendy was also seen in a pink Corvette on the day of filming.

the eyewitness shared:

 “They had been filming her sitting on this throne chair that was set up on the boardwalk.”

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A few months ago, the 58-year-old was reportedly spotted with a small film crew at her favorite restaurant, Fresco by Scotto in Midtown, New York. A source claimed a producer handed out NDAs to the other restaurant-goers while Wendy and her crew dined in. They said:

 “Wendy is filming a reality show. She rocked up to New York celebrity hotspot Fresco by Scotto and had a producer hand out Non-Disclosure Agreements to patrons.”

The source claimed the show will be about Wendy’s life after her daytime television show ended:

“It appears this will be a show about her life after The Wendy Williams Show.”

From the looks of it, Wendy is working on multiple projects at the same time. As previously reported, fans are currently awaiting the release of her highly-anticipated podcast series. There were rumors that the podcast was over and would never see the light of day. However, Wendy’s representative, Shawn Zanotti, addressed the rumors and stated:

“We are still working behind the scenes on several projects. There has been no official cancellation of the podcast.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill