John Boyega – Social Media Speculates That He Dated & Cheated On UK Influencer Pam Macb

John Boyega, Pammacb

John Boyega – Social Media Speculates That He Dated & Cheated On UK Influencer Pam Macb

John Boyega has fans upset!

The actor is currently a trending topic on Twitter as users speculate that he dated and cheated on UK influencer/media personality Pammacb.

Speculation began when the influencer took to her Instagram Story to express her frustration about an individual fans are assuming is John Boyega. In a string of posts, Pammacb leads fans to believe a mystery man did her wrong.

She first reveals that she was cheated on. She wrote in part,

“I want to give a shoutout to one blog and TEQUILA because if I hadn’t had a drunken moment and if they hadn’t been in my business, I would have never known that the man I admired and was dating for a while had a whole other person in his life. He had us playing one in one out and pretending to be disgusted and angry at the things people say about me. Now I know why he never defended me, even though he knew I was not the things people called me.”

She continued,

“Knowing that someone I trusted, I shared a bed with, cooked for, cleaned, was kind to for months on end can lieeeeeee and do the same is the penultimate torture.”

Pam then calls the mystery person a

“Pathological liar.”

Pammacb is appalled that this person would lie to her. She said,

“Lying to me and lying about me is the reason I’m on your a$$ cos how dare you. I could go on and really burn everything down.”

Pammacb goes on to say she’s upset with herself for not trusting her intuition.

“I am sooo glad I moved on with my life after I saw inconsistencies and I’m so angry that I didn’t trust my intuition in the end.”

Pam’s comments caused a frenzy on social media. Users quickly went online to share their thoughts on the alleged scandal. Many fans were shocked to know that John Boyega was dating someone let alone allegedly cheated. Most users expressed disappointment and shock at the actors alleged actions.

One user wrote,

“John Boyega really did a number on her.”

Another person said,

“John Boyega is trash for what he did to Pam. He actually thinks people care about his image or reputation like that dating certain women is “beneath” him. With his fake ugly a**.”

See reactions below:

While Pam has not confirmed her messages are about John, she also has not denied the rumors that it is the actor.

John Boyega has yet to address the rumors.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole