Nia Long’s Ex Ime Udoka Reflects On Being Fired From Boston Due To Alleged Relationship w/ Female Staffer: ‘I Had To Own It’

Boston Celtics x Ime UdokaIme Udoka Reflects On Being Fired From Boston Due To Alleged Relationship w/Female Staffer: ‘I Had To Own It’

Former Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka has finally addressed his public cheating scandal.

Shortly after taking the job as the next coach of the Houston Rockets, the NBA professional made it clear he holds no ill will towards his former employers and has taken responsibility for his actions.

Ime Udoka spoke on the matter during a press conference recently where he was asked about his downward end with the East Coast team. In case you’re unfamiliar, the 45-year-old was discovered to be having an affair with a female Boston Celtics staff member that he was superior to, leading to his firing.

Ime Udoka’s scandal left him jobless for the 2022-2023 season and without a fiancée. The basketball coach was engaged to longtime girlfriend and famed actress Nia Long who he shares a son with. However, they split following Udoka’s affair going public.

Speaking on the situation, Udoka reportedly stated:

“Honestly my part in it was to take ownership and accountability for my part,”

Ime Udoka


“They had a choice to make, a decision, and they went that route, and my thing was own up to it, take responsibility, and I served the suspension and had to own it, honestly. So, same thing i’ll preach to the guys. I can’t sit here and not take accountability myself. So it was their right to go about it however they wanted to and that’s the choice they took.”

Reportedly, Houston Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta also attended the press conference in full support of the new head coach, stating anyone who wouldn’t give Udoka a second chance is “not a good Christian person,” reportedly adding:

“we’re a forgiving world and anybody that isn’t forgiving… then shame on them.”

The report notes that the Rockets did conduct their own investigation into Udoka’s Boston firing and concluded he had done nothing worth exiling him from the NBA. In their last two seasons, the Texas team has reportedly held the worse  record in the league. It seems the Rockets are hoping Udoka will be able to turn things around at the franchise as he did with Boston. Reportedly, the coach significantly elevated the Celtics, taking them from a play-in team to the championship finals his first year on the job.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson