Kim Kardashian Wears Super Revealing Dress! [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Breats In Revealing Dress

Kim Kardashian West accompanied award winning hairstylist Chris Appleton to the Hollywood Beauty Awards Sunday evening, and her choice of attire could be considered racy, but stylish.

Kim Kardashian West, Chris Appleton

The reality star turned beauty entrepreneur wore a vintage look from designer Manfred Thierry Mugler, the same designer Cardi B wore during the 61st Grammy Award show and red carpet.

The dress Kim wore had a slit in the leg, while her chest was slightly revealed causing her breasts to protrude. She explained the dress in an Instagram Story while arriving to the award show.

I think this is a 1998 archive look and I’ve been dying to wear. So this was perfect. We have some looks this year, people.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer