Kanye West Ordered To Pay $300K To Creative Director Who Helped Execute Yeezy Photoshoot

Kanye West

More legal issues are plaguing Kanye West.

A judge ordered the rapper’s Yeezy brand to pay a creative director who sued the business $300,000.

After Yeezy failed to reply to Katelyn Mooney‘s lawsuit on Monday (May 1), Judge Gerald Lebovits granted her a default judgment. Mooney asserted she was due $100,000 by Kanye West‘s company for her efforts on a photoshoot.

Mooney claimed she was tapped to photograph Kanye West for his SHDZ eyewear line. She was purportedly owed $110,000.

Kanye West

In September, Yeezy received the final photos from the independent creative director, but she only received $15,000. After the shoot, Yeezy allegedly failed to pay Mooney for two months, forcing her to take out loans and use credit cards to cover her expenses.

Yeezy was sued by Mooney in December 2022. The judge granted Mooney $95,000 in actual damages and ordered Yeezy to pay $205,000 in statutory damages.

Ye didn’t hire a lawyer to defend him in the lawsuit.

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Authored by: S. G.