Chris Brown Seemingly Yells “F*CK HER” At Teyana Taylor, Right Before Alleged Fist Fight w/ Usher [VIDEO]

Chris Brown, Usher, Teyana Taylor

Chris Brown Seemingly Yells “F*CK HER” At Teyana Taylor, Right Before Alleged Fist Fight w/Usher [VIDEO]

Looks like some of our favorite celebs had a heated weekend.

According to reports, R&B singer’s Chris Brown, Usher, and Teyana Taylor were involved in escalating argument that reportedly ended with things turning physically violent.

Hollywood Unlocked first broke the story, alleging that eye witnesses saw Chris Brown and his entourage jump Usher at Brown’s 34th birthday party. The shindig reportedly took place at a skating rink in Las Vegas, and was attended by a host of celebs including Bow Wow and Mario. Earlier on in the evening, the three musicians are seen in a video alongside Usher, singing happy birthday to the “Warm Embrace” singer.

However, things reportedly turned sour as the night went on. In another video, Brown is seen seemingly being removed from a situation by Usher, 44, where he’s heard yelling “f*ck her” before skating away. Reportedly, Brown was arguing with Teyana Taylor, 32, who also attended the birthday event, for “unknown reasons”. Witnesses say Brown was seemingly very intoxicated, and which he reportedly suggested he would in an earlier social media post. Usher reportedly attempted to step in and calm him down, but reportedly had no success.

While there’s no video evidence of what happened next, witnesses reportedly claim they saw Usher go after Brown, who exited to his tour bus after the situation with Taylor. Reportedly, Brown was heard calling his fellow singing friend a “coward” and Usher reportedly returned from Brown’s tour bus moments later with a bloodied nose. Wack 100 later spoke about the event, claiming that Brown is “out of control”, stating:

“He gone run into the wrong squad…he took off on my boy in London drunk and high. Now he took off on Usher and Usher was hosting his birthday party….he went off on Teyana Taylor, called her a bunch of b*tches. Usher tried to talk to him and he took off on him.”

Neither Usher, Taylor, nor Brown has spoken publicly about the situation at this time. Usher did post a video from the “Lovers & Friends” concert which took place the next day, however, showing no signs of being beaten or bruised.

Additionally, Usher’s son, Usher Raymond V, seems to have been getting asked about the situation, and took to instagram responding:

“don’t message me about it”

Brown also took to the stage to perform his set at the “Lovers & Friends” show as well.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson