Cardi B Slams Tasha K Over ‘Disgusting’ Comments About Takeoff’s Death + Claims Blogger Is ‘Hiding Money In Africa’ To Avoid Paying $4M Defamation Debt 


Cardi B Slams Tasha K Over ‘Disgusting’ Comments About Takeoff’s Death + Claims Blogger Is ‘Hiding Money In Africa’ To Avoid Paying $4M Defamation Debt 

It looks like Cardi B and Tasha K’s beef has reignited.

It all began on Tuesday (June 20) when Cardi B publicly criticized the stepson of the British billionaire who’s aboard the missing Titanic submersible, saying it was wrong for him to attend a Blink-182 concert amid the crisis.

The rapper said in an Instagram video,

“You supposed to be at the house sad.”

Tasha K caught wind of Cardi B’s comments and felt as though the entertainer was being hypocritical. She took to her own social media account and criticized the way Cardi B handled her grief when Migos rapper Takeoff died.

Taska K wrote,

“Wasn’t she posting guns right after Takeoff died? And on the internet, cutting up not long after his sudden takeoff? I’m just asking….Everyone grieves diff….”

Tasha K

Takeoff was fatally shot in Houston, Texas in November.

On Wednesday (June 21), the New York rapper shared a screenshot of Tasha K‘s comment and had a message of her own.

Cardi B said,

“…to bring up Takeoff to prove a fake a** point is disgusting. I lost weight, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, me and my man STILL dealing wit that to to this day. I’m a rapper, we targeted all the time so of course I have guns for protection.”

She continued,

“But since you wanna be funny for comments, ima make sure your kid don’t go to college. You think my lawyers don’t know you hiding money in Africa? Ima make sure I get every red cent of my 4 mill. DONT EVER PUT TAKEOFF NAME IN YA MOUTH.”

In 2022, Cardi B won a $4 million judgment against Tasha K who was ultimately held liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress after posting negligent YouTube content about the rapper.

Making matters worse, Taska K took to social media on Thursday (June 22) to issue a sarcastic apology to Cardi B and her fans. She claimed that their years-long legal battle distracted the “Bodak Yellow” rapper from putting out her sophomore album and that Cardi has upset her record label.

She said in part,

“I wanna send a send a sincere apology out to #bardigang. It’s my fault as to why y’all don’t have a 2nd album. She’s been in court with me for 6 years distracted from her purpose. Now going in 7. Atlantic is broke and won’t help pay for a 2nd album, Offfset in court fighting to release an album and my sis-in-law sold her rights to her catalog off too early in her career. “

The Youtuber ends by promoting Ice Spice’s upcoming “Barbie World” track which is a collab with Cardi’s (suspected) rival Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B has yet to respond to Tasha K’s latest comments!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole