Larsa Pippen ‘Traumatized’ & ‘Embarrassed’ By Michael Jordan’s Disapproving Comments On Her Relationship w/ His Son, Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan

Larsa Pippen ‘Traumatized’ & ‘Embarrassed’ By Michael Jordan’s Disapproving Comments On Her Relationship w/ His Son, Marcus Jordan

It looks like Larsa Pippen wasn’t too fond of Michael Jordan’s recent comments on her relationship with his son Marcus.

During the latest episode of the couple’s “Separation Anxiety” podcast, Larsa Pippen expressed that she felt “traumatized” and “embarrassed” when Michael Jordan said he doesn’t approve of his son’s relationship with the reality TV star.

Larsa told Marcus Jordan,

“You thought it was funny. I didn’t think it was funny. There is nothing funny about it.…I kinda felt like it went everywhere and I was kind of embarrassed.”

Larsa explained she felt uncomfortable because she was worried that the public thought she was lying when she previously said both families approved of the controversial relationship.

“It literally went everywhere. I think people started to think that online they were saying that I was lying — that I lied and said that our parents are fine because I was doing interviews and saying both of our families are fine. When I would say that, I felt like I didn’t embellish that… and I would say both of our parents want us to be happy… I do understand that it’s not awkward for us to be together because it’s us.”

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan

She continued,

“But it probably is awkward for my ex [Scottie Pippen] and your dad [Michael Jordan] because they have their own relationship or whatever it was. I wasn’t a part of that, you weren’t a part of that. So I feel like for them it probably is weird, it probably is weird for your dad. I can’t be mad. I understand… Oh my god, I was traumatized. I was like what are we going to do, people think I lied.”

If you recall, Larsa Pippen’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, 57, is a former teammate of Michael Jordan. The basketball legends played for the Chicago Bulls and won several championships together in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Larsa and Scottie Pippen were married from 1997-2021 and welcomed four children together; Scotty Jr., PrestonJustin, and Sophia.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen

As previously reported, On July 2, paparazzi asked Michael Jordan if he approves of his son’s relationship. He took a moment to laugh then truthfully replied “No.”

Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan

After Jordan’s comments went viral, Larsa faced some backlash over comments made in March on “The Tamron Hall Show,” where she claimed that both her and Marcus’ families were in a great place and approved of them dating.

According to Marcus Jordan, his father’s comment was simply a joke that was likely the result of too much alcohol. Marcus revealed that his father texted him right after the paparazzi encounter to make sure he didn’t take his comments the wrong way.

“I can only assume my dad, because he loves Cincoro and he drinks tequila all the time, that he was feeling himself a little bit…Obviously we knew ahead of time because he called me and texted me and wanted to make sure that I didn’t take anything the wrong way but then when the article came out, he texted me again and he never said ‘hell no’ and that’s not what the implications were.”

Marcus continued,

“… I do feel like you [Larsa] were nervous but because of how often you take stock in your relationships and maybe a part of you was like am I telling you the full truth? … and simultaneously I am dying laughing. “

Marcus went on to explain how the “root” of the problem is that people focus on his dad’s relationship with Pippen, which has seemingly turned sour in recent years.

… His [Jordan’s] goal has always been to stay clear of our relationship. Look, at the root of it all is my dad’s relationship with your ex, Scottie. Obviously, we never talk about that and I don’t think my dad wanted to comment on that. There is always that narrative, that rumor that I’m dating you in some sort of way to get back at whatever was said.”

Michael Jordan

He continued,

“… One of the things [Jordan] also said was you don’t need my approval in your personal life, insinuating that that’s something that we could say for us. But I feel like if we came out saying that then we look defiant and combative and forget everybody else, we’re just going to do our thing.”

Marcus added,

“In reality that wasn’t the case. We obviously talked to both of our parents and we had their approval. I think he was making a joke and it got blown out of proportion, and taken, not out of context because he said what he said, but if you don’t know who my dad is at his core then it could be taken the wrong way.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole