Shannon Sharpe Says Scotty Pippen Jr. Should Demand Trade From Lakers Due To Alleged Affair His Mother Had w/ New Teammate, Malik Beasley

Shannon Sharpe, Scotty Pippen Jr., Malik Beasley

Shannon Sharpe Says Scotty Pippen Jr. Should Demand Trade From Lakers Due To Alleged Affair His Mother Had w/ New Teammate, Malik Beasley

Shannon Sharpe isn’t into mixing love and business.

In a recent conversation with his  “Undisputed” co-host Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe offered Scotty Pippen Jr. advice on how to handle Malik Beasley’s recent trade to the Lakers.

As you may recall, in 2020 Malik Beasley, 26, made headlines after he allegedly left his wife to pursue a relationship with Larsa Pippen – the 48-year-old mother of Scotty Pippen Jr., 22. 

Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe said:

“If I’m Scotty Pippen Jr., I want a trade.”

He continued:

“I will fight it!”

Shannon Sharpe

Amid his co-host’s confusion, Sharpe exclaimed:

“You know why! I got to go, I want a divorce!”

The 54-year-old joked:

“I just can’t play for the Lakers no more. I want out!”

He added:

“I wish I might play one minute with him.”

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Malik Beasley became a part of the same organization that employs Scotty Pippen Jr., after the Lakers acquired him hours before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 9.

Larsa Pippin, ex-wife of NBA star Scottie Pippen, and Beasley’s alleged affair first became public in 2020 when they were spotted in Miami holding hands. Reportedly, the photos “blindsided” Beasley’s wife, Montana Yao.

At the height of the scandal, Scotty Jr. seemingly addressed what was going on and tweeted,

“Focused on myself and my goals. I’m not responsible for nobody’s actions. All good over here.”


 Montana Yao quickly filed for divorce. However, months later, Beasley and the “Real Housewives of Miami” star called it quits in April 2021. He then issued an apology to his wife on Instagram. As previously reported, he wrote:

“I wana say sorry for putting you in the situation you were put in the last few months.. my head wasn’t were it was supposed to be.. I was looking for more when it was right here that whole time.. I’m telling the world and you that there’s no body like you for me.”

Beasley continued and claimed that he is the reason his relationship with Larsa Pippen came to an end. The Atlanta native added:

“For the record I was the one who ended my last relationship off the fact that there is no one like you .. also for the record i wanted to do my own ish cuz I just left u guys and I def ain’t the type to set up pictures at the mall n ish .. as that’s some childish ish and I’m trying to grow individually and grow a family .. a real family .. I ain’t looking to be judged I’m looking for forgiveness.. To forgive me for hurting my family the way I did. At the end of the day I’m a lover boy and I miss holding y’all and loving y’all.. I love you mu shi .. I love you kai Kai [red heart emoji] my family over thing.”

Beasley and his wife have seemingly put the affair behind them. The new addition to the Lakers and Montana Yao welcomed their second child together last November, making them a family of four. 

Malik Beasley, Montana Yao and kids


From the looks of it, Larsa has also moved on. As previously reported, the reality star and former college basketball player Marcus Jordan — son of NBA icon Michael Jordan, who used to be teammates with Larsa’s ex-husband — were spotted passionately smooching in Miami a couple of months ago. The pair recently made their relationship IG official. 

Marcus Jordan, Larsa Pippen

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill