Ari Lennox Embraces ‘Waking Up w/ No Hangover Or Embarrassment’ While Celebrating 7 Months Of Sobriety: ‘I Can’t Imagine Going Back To How Things Were’

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Embraces ‘Waking Up w/ No Hangover Or Embarrassment’ While Celebrating 7 Months Of Sobriety: ‘I Can’t Imagine Going Back To How Things Were’

Looks like R&B singer Ari Lennox is enjoying the sober life!

The 32-year-old took to social media earlier today (July 25th), to share with fans how living the past 7 months sober has changed her life.

Ari Lennox

Posting several images of what looks to be her fully natural self, Ari Lennox, born Courtney Salter, wrote on Instagram:

“7 months sober. That’s a lot of sober flights. A lot of sober conversations. A lot of facing things raw and head on. Honestly I don’t know what will happen when I reach a year sober. Don’t know if sobriety is forever or not but I can’t imagine going back to how things were.”

And continued:

“Passing out in the airport or having my emotions more heightened than needed smh sh*t was bad. I feel more in control of my emotions. More stable. More happy. More alert. More safe..I don’t find interest in partying anymore :/ maybe I’m changing and that’s deeper than alcohol.”

Ari Lennox

Lennox went on to speak about how her sober journey has helped her realize she likes to do “chill sweet things” and has made it easier for her to “accept help when needed.” Additionally, the entertainer admitted that she enjoys being able to wake up free from regret and hangovers after typically having a long night of questionable decision-making.

She added:

“I like waking up with no hangover or embarrassment. I like waking up with no night terrors and panic attacks from liquor. I’m so raw feeling everything in this world and my coping mechanisms are only healthier now.”

If you recall, Lennox was accused of being publicly drunk in Amsterdam back in 2021, which ultimately led to her arrest. The singer live-tweeted the moment, claiming she was experiencing racism at the overseas terminal. However, subsequent police reports stated that the “Shea Butter Baby” artist got into an altercation with a worker because she didn’t show correct forms of identification, citing public drunkenness and uncivil behavior as the reason for her arrest.

Though it’s unclear whether or not the songstress was drunk for this moment, Lennox has also admitted and apologized several times for her rant against Oprah Winfrey and bestie Gayle King. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Dreamville artist lashed out at the famous friends during a social media live-stream one evening, labeling them as “coons” and claiming they don’t love themselves. Despite expressing her regrets shortly after the video circulated online, the singer felt moved to issue another apology earlier this year.

It seems Lennox is ready to move past all of the drama of her mistakes and be “present” for more future moments, however. In her recent post, the singer concluded:

 “It’s nice to remember events as they are happening. It’s nice to be present. Sobriety is a very present experience….yea sure there’s the fantasy of wanting to escape all the intense stress of the world with alcohol cause boy does it work temporarily. But there’s the moment the liquor stops numbing and you’re chasing that feeling to no avail and you wake to see the problems of life still there,”

Ari Lennox

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Authored by: Kay Johnson