Halle Bailey Posts Video Showing Off Flat Stomach To Seemingly Shut Down Pregnancy Rumors

Halle Bailey Posts Video Showing Off Flat Stomach To Seemingly Shut Down Pregnancy Rumors

Contrary to popular belief, songstress Halle Bailey doesn’t have a baby coming in a carriage at the moment!

Well, according to a (seemingly) non-pregnant belly of hers.

Amid news of a possible bun in the oven, Halle Bailey shared some footage from the video rehearsal for her new single, “Angel.”

In the clip, 23-year-old Halle Bailey is seen wearing a sports bra and sweats as she’s in her element, going over the choreography with her dancers.

Although the (exact) time of the behind-the-scenes reel is unclear, some people are taking this as Bailey’s subtle, indirect way to end the pregnancy speculation.

Rumors of the ChloexHalle member expecting with her boyfriend, rapper/YouTuber DDG, spread like wildfire after internet users noticed what they claimed to be a very pregnant Bailey in the background of a recent vlog.


Whispers of an alleged little one were furthered when many realized the ‘Little Mermaid’ actress had been wearing baggy clothing lately.

Earlier this month, Bailey was spotted backstage at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in an oversized, pink shirt dress, leading most to believe that they saw a print of a potential baby bump.

Following the viral guessing game, an individual took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and said,

“Halle Bailey being pregnant has got to be the biggest L of the year. I’m so sick of seeing women with their entire lives ahead of them let degenerates turn them into baby mamas. [DDG] PURPOSELY got her pregnant in her prime out of jealousy disguised as ‘love.'”

Another user added:

“Halle Bailey pregnant? DDG you will crumble.”

As you may know, Bailey’s supporters haven’t been too fond of DDG since his ex, Rubi Rose, came forward with claims that the Michigan native hopped in her DMs while in a relationship with Bailey.

It was said that he’d even given Bailey a shirt that previously belonged to Rubi Rose. DDG later dropped a whole diss track about the incident, which listeners felt tainted Bailey’s good-girl image.

Additionally, DDG has (subliminally) spoken on different aspects of his romance with Bailey in his music and on his X account, keeping the couple in the headlines quite a bit.

Of course, Bailey’s older sister/duo mate, Chloe Bailey, wasn’t in agreement with the internet coming for her blood, and she has since chimed in on the pregnancy matter.

Halle Bailey, DDG, Chloe Bailey

While addressing comments regarding the subject during her Instagram Live, Chloe Bailey expressed,

“Y’all better keep my sister’s name outcha mouth! Thank you. Amen, hallelujah. Sh*t. ‘Bout to get my riled the h*ll up. Anyways…”

So far, Bailey has yet to blatantly confirm or deny the rumors. As for DDG, a couple of days ago, he posted,

“It’s a new rumor every week.”

Days later, he reposted a statement from someone else, debunking the narrative that has been pushed about his intentions to sabotage Bailey’s brand.

It read,

“I wanna know when y’all will realize that the image of DDG y’all have in your heads is inaccurate as f*ck.”


See what else social media had to say about Bailey’s supposed pregnancy below.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell