Reality Star Tommie Lee Arrested For Cocaine Possession w/ Intent To Sell, Reps Claim Substance Was A Friends Epilepsy Medication

Tommie Lee

Reality Star Tommie Lee Arrested For Cocaine Possession w/Intent To Sell, Reps Claim Substance Was A Friends Epilepsy Medication

Reality star Tommie Lee had a recent run in with the law.

According to reports, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” alum was detained by police over the weekend in Miami for allegedly having illegal drugs in her possession.

Tommie Lee

News of Tommie Lee’s jail stay began circulating the internet earlier today, Sunday, August 20th. Images of the arrest details have been shared on several blog sites, which show the entertainer was taken in due to illegal possession of cocaine and allegedly had enough that its presumed there was intent to sell. Tommie, real name Atasha Jefferson, 39, has not spoken publicly about the arrest, and it is unclear whether or not she remains behind bars at this time.

Though the entertainer hasn’t addressed the recent news, a rep of hers reportedly denies that she was in possession of any drugs. In a statement released to the media, Tommie’s team reportedly claims that she was out to dinner in the Sunshine state when she got into a verbal altercation with a restaurant employee for allegedly being “disrespectful”. Police were reportedly called to quell the situation, and her team says the internet star was approached and arrested “because they were familiar with her”. The rep reportedly added:

 “They chose to handcuff and arrest her on grounds of drug possession, despite the fact that the “drugs” were, in fact, her friend’s epilepsy medication,”

Tommie Lee


“They seized upon this as an excuse for her arrest when no other valid reason was evident. It’s completely understandable that she felt infuriated by this unjust treatment, especially when she was spending her own hard-earned money,”

Reportedly, the reps added that police could have attended to more pressing matters happening inside the eatery, as there was allegedly an intoxicated individual present making threats. However, they say Tommie was unfairly targeted, ending with her being taken to jail. There have been no police reports to confirm or deny her reps statements, but this certainly isn’t the first time the model has been in trouble with the law. Back in 2018, the TV star was detained three times on different instances, once for hitting a valet and again for alleged child abuse. Tommie was accused of shoving her child’s head into a locker at school and was detained again shortly after posting bond for that arrest.

Reportedly, Tommie violated a no contact order put in place following the incident by calling her daughter anyway, resulting in immediate detainment. After the entertainer showed up drunk to a court hearing about the matter, she apologized to fans and swore she’d get help for her problems. A year later, she shared her intention to enroll in a mental health program, and Tommie hasn’t seemed to have any other problems with authorities since.

We will continue to update as more details on this story come forward.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson