Update: Nicki Minaj — Police Confirms That Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For Woman Responsible For Swatting Incident At Rapper’s Home 

Nicki Minaj

Update: Nicki Minaj — Police Confirms That Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For Woman Responsible For Swatting Incident At Rapper’s Home

Update: (Aug. 24, 2023): An individual is now facing legal trouble over a horrible prank against Nicki Minaj.

As previously reported, in June rapper Nicki Minaj was the victim of swatting. For those who may be unaware, swatting is when someone makes a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to have armed police officers dispatched to a specific location.

Reportedly, the so-called prankster lied and said that a minor was being abused at Nicki’s L.A. home. Hours later, authorities received a second call claiming the rapper’s property was on fire. Police were sent to the home for both allegations and of course, discovered nothing was wrong.

It was reported that Nicki had plans to take legal action against the caller and it looks like she’s kept her word. Yesterday (Aug. 24), the mother-of-one revealed the name of the person allegedly responsible for making the calls back in June. She tweeted,

“Stephanie Bell

A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful.
The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS.

To God be the glory.”

Today (Aug. 24), police confirmed that an arrest warrant has been issued and the woman is facing two charges of deliberately reporting a false emergency.


Original story: (Jun. 11, 2023):

A clout-chasing prank call could end up costing someone greatly.

According to reports, rap superstar Nicki Minaj is pursuing legal action after a prank caller sent police to her home due to false claims earlier this month.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, Papa Bear

Reportedly, authorities followed up on an anonymous phone call that alleged a child was being abused at the musician’s home. Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Miraj, 40, lives at the L.A. residence with her husband Kenneth Petty, 45, and their two-year-old son called Papa Bear.

Nicki Minaj & son

Police reportedly showed up to the house on a Monday around 6 p.m., quickly concluding there was no evidence to support the allegations. Later that night – into the morning to be precise around 3 a.m., police got another anonymous call claiming that the “Super Freaky Girl” artist’s house was on fire. When officials arrived at the scene, they realized Minaj was the victim of a hoax that has recently been targeting celebrities called “swatting.”

Reportedly, the term describes when someone uses a prank call to trigger a huge police response to a certain location. The report notes that police around the country have shared growing concern for the issue, warning that it is a huge waste of police time and resources. Two internet personalities were reportedly victims of the pranking earlier this year.

While police conduct their own investigation, an insider reportedly stated that Minaj plans to take legal action as well. Which could reportedly result in hefty fines for the mysterious caller.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson