Shirley Strawberry Issues Apology To Morning Show Co-Host Steve Harvey After Claiming He’s Scared Of His Wife Marjorie In Leaked Calls w/ Estranged Husband, Comedian Responds

Shirley Strawberry Issues Apology To Morning Show Co-Host Steve Harvey After Claiming He’s Scared Of His Wife Marjorie In Leaked Calls w/ Estranged Husband, Comedian Responds

Things haven’t been so bright on ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ lately!

If you haven’t heard, outed conversations between the iconic radio program’s co-host, Shirley Strawberry, and her soon-to-be ex-husband sent the internet into complete shambles.

Shirley Strawberry

At the time, Shirley Strawberry was chatting with her incarcerated ex over (what appeared to be) a private jail phone call. Although it was understood that the call would be recorded, the audio wasn’t supposed to go past the walls of the facility.

However, amid the exposed chat (which initially took place late last year), Shirley Strawberry can be heard bragging about Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie’s, lavish lifestyle before claiming that her boss isn’t such a boss when it comes to his lovely lady.

Steve & Majorie Harvey

Speaking of Steve Harvey’s significant other, Marjorie, Strawberry seemingly praised her lifestyle and said,

“Marjorie has her own Spa, her own workout room. She could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and work her out and all of that. I was like, ‘Oh God what a dream.'”

Steve & Majorie Harvey

However, elsewhere in the comical exchange, Strawberry suggested that an awkward energy arises whenever Marjorie is around.

She expressed,

“[Steve] was happy to see us. He always invites us over there, and we don’t never go because I don’t know, if she’s there… you know.”

Strawberry concluded:

“She looks at us as ‘the help’ you know… it is what it is.”

Strawberry recently issued an apology directly to Steve during an episode of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show.’

She stated,

“Right here and now, I want to apologize to you and Marjorie for what I said. As much as I wish I could, I can’t take it back. I can’t. I said it, and I want to apologize. It was definitely not me trying to add to what you and Majorie already have going on, in your lives… right now.”

A regretful Strawberry then spoke on the remorse she has for heightening the hoopla surrounding the ‘Family Feud’ runner and Marjorie, hinting at the infidelity rumors that recently made national headlines. If you remember, claims that Marjorie had been stepping out on Steve surfaced last month.

Seemingly touching on how the leaked call only added to the rumors, Strawberry explained:

“What could I say to you after this… you know… happened? I was devastated. I mean, absolutely devastated.”

Shirley Strawberry, Steve & Majorie Harvey

She expanded:

“I thought of everything. You know, I could lose my job…how could I face you –everything!”

Strawberry’s estranged husband is reportedly jailed for gun possession, theft, fraud, and even child pornography. Throughout her heartfelt words to Steve, Strawberry noted that ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ had been her peace in the midst of the storm, indicating that her intentions were pure — regardless of how it may have looked.

Steve then responded,

“When [the phone calls] came out, [it was] a little bit different because it’s not gossip, rumor, or [a] malicious lie. It came from the inside circle… ’cause we’re an inside circle. We are family.”

Briefing all of the bad press he and his wife have received over the past couple of months, the 66-year-old proceeded:

“Majorie [doesn’t] really get into all of this right now. I’m so used to getting beat up, but I didn’t know how Marjorie was feeling about everything that’s out there because these bottom feeders are just beating my wife up. And even though we’ve made a conscious effort and we said we’re not going to address it, I’m tired.”

Steve then summed it up,

“When this came out… this how the devil works, ‘[He says] I’ma pile it on. I’ma go get somebody that works for me.’ The devil [doesn’t] come for those he got; he sends the ones he has. So, now, ‘I’ma get me a government employee that needs some money, that works at Fulton County. I’ma get a hold of him, I’ma release these tapes, I’ma get him to need a little money, I’ma give it to this female blogger, and she’s gon’ get a little bit of money.'”

Further into the conversation, the “Think Like A Man” author made it clear that he doesn’t think Strawberry had ill motives.

He detailed with empathy,

“The timing of it was ugly because of everything else that’s going on right now. And it made it look like Shirley was piling on, and that wasn’t her intent, but it happened. Like I say, I understand.”

Steve Harvey

Despite what transpired with Strawberry, it appears that there aren’t any hard feelings, and Steve’s main focus is making sure that Marjorie isn’t affected too much, mentally, by everything that’s in the media about the power couple.

He set the record straight,

“It’s been so ugly for my wife, man. And, see, this is what I’ve never done before. It’s been so ugly for my wife and I’ve stood there trying not to say nothing.”

Steve closed by deepening his rant toward the bloggers, stating:

“You out there just lying about my girl, and you’re tearing away at her character. and I don’t like what you’re doing to her. I don’t like the timing of this jailhouse release because it just seems like it added more, and it came from the inside. I’m tired, but she’s got to be tired. The woman I married is a good woman; she’s the best thing [that] ever happened to me. She’s God-fearing, she’s loyal, she’s faithful, and she’s a kind and loving person. I don’t care what nobody [says]!”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell