Blueface & His 1st Baby Mother Jaidyn Alexis Seemingly Split & Argue After Rapper Reconnects w/ Ex & 2nd Baby Mama Chrisean Rock

Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis, Chrisean Rock

Blueface & His 1st Baby Mother Jaidyn Alexis Seemingly Split & Argue After Rapper Reconnects w/ Ex & 2nd Baby Mama Chrisean Rock

Looks like Blueface is at odds with the mother of his first two children.

In a series of since deleted tweets, the rapper exchanged several messages with his once again ex girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis, after linking up with his old boo Chrisean Rock.

Blueface & son w/Chrisean Rock

Drama in the Blueface household found its way to the internet following the musician’s apparent studio session with his fellow “Crazy In Love” Zeus star. The 26-year-old, real name Johnathan Porter, posted a video to his instagram live that featured his ex and new baby mother ChriseanRock‘ Malone, 23, showing the two seemingly signing a spur of the moment contract, suggesting they plan on working together again.

Additionally, both Chrisean and Blueface shared an adorable image of their son, Chrisean Jr., sleeping peacefully next to his slumbering father. As the new co-parents have had a string of issues leading up to the baby’s birth, one would think it is a good thing that they were able to come together amicably. In case you’re unfamiliar, the former couple broke up after the “Baddies” star got pregnant with Blueface’s third child, which he made clear he didn’t want.Throughout Chrisean’s pregnancy, and for some time after, the two engaged in a series of toxic exchanges which mostly recently resulted in Blueface seemingly threatening to take custody of the child.

Despite it looking as though they may be on better terms, it seems at some point during their recent interaction, Jaidyn Alexis, 24, was rubbed the wrong way. In a first of many tweets, she made clear she had an issue with Blueface, who launched her growing rap career, writing:

“My new manger would never”

And following up with:

“who’s watching the baby”

It wasn’t long before Blueface seemed to respond, writing:

“I don’t know how to be a deadbeat I’m sorry I can’t live up to you guys bad dad expectations”

The message sent his high school sweetheart on a full on tangent. In subsequent tweets, Alexis accused her children’s father of using her name for clout and clowned him for seemingly shooting a music video at a gas station. Things turned up a notch, however, after Blueface made some further comments about never marrying her. He wrote in a now deleted tweet:

“When I first started rappin Jaidyn didn’t support me or my music that’s y I never really took her serious when I got on….one day I was omw to the studio an she told me I would never be nipsey or P diddy it was motivating to prover her wrong that’s the reason I ain’t marry her”

Subsequently, Alexis lashed out at the California native, calling him a “weirdo” and an “opp”. Additionally, she went on to claim that Blueface is “manipulative” and a “narcissist”, sharing some recent tweets the rapper made about Alexis being “the prize” and holding her down as she did for him.

Ultimately, the upcoming musician claims she’s threw with Blueface as she’s given him everything while he continues to give his everything away to others. The only response to Alexis that Blueface kept on his page was a tweet that read:

“I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem”

Surprisingly, it seems Chrisean opted to refrain from speaking on the matter and doesn’t seem to have made any comments about the situation at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson