Diddy Says The Art Of Music Production ‘Has Been Lost’


Diddy Says The Art Of Music Production ‘Has Been Lost’

Sean “Diddy” Combs doesn’t think music producers are giving what they’re supposed to give.  

Entertainment mogul Diddy took to X (formerly known as Twitter) Tuesday evening (Oct. 3) to express his thoughts on the current style of producing music. The self-made billionaire didn’t hold anything back as he shared his belief that producers aren’t creating songs like they once did. Memorable hits such as “Forever My Lady” by Jodeci and “You Remind Me” by Mary J Blige, both produced by Diddy, were intricately tailored for listeners to enjoy. Diddy suggested that music production is now being led by money and “ego” and is no longer for pleasure. He wrote,

“The art of production has been lost. No shade to anybody but a Producer is somebody that has the ability to have a vision for a song that is greater than just the beat or the lyrics.”

Then, doubling down, he added,

“The Producer is the one that co-pilots the experience with the artists. The Producer’s job is the bring the best out of the artists. The Producer’s job is to bring the best out of the song.”

As you can imagine, a post like this generated a wave of mixed opinions. One user wrote,

“I think he is absolutely right! That’s what made songs so good back in the day. That’s when music used to take you on a journey. As a writer, I miss the flow of music production.”

Another said,

“When a producer comes along that has said vision, the older guys feel threatened and push them out and steal from them instead of helping them flourish. Alot of insecurity in your generation – let’s not forget that.”

Others replied,

Diddy sparked a similar debate in 2022 when he asked, “Who killed R&B?” Much like his recent post, it created an uproar. However, despite how some may feel about his remarks, it seems like the “Bad Boy Record Label” founder is seriously concerned about the future of the music industry.

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