K-Ci – Jodeci Has NOT Broken Up!

Jodeci (2014)

K-Ci Reveals That Jodeci Has Not Broken Up

For all of the Jodeci fans across the world, you’ll be happy to know that the group is still very much still together — at least according to lead singer, K-Ci.

Earlier this week, K-Ci posted a flyer on his Instagram promoting a solo appearance in New York and a fan questioned why all of her favorite R&B groups have broken up. She wrote:

So I guess you guys are doing your own thing individually. What is wrong with my favorite groups not being able to get it together after 100 years. 

K-Ci took a moment to respond to the fan, assuring her that Jodeci is still intact.

We are together and forever will be. We are 4 individuals that have goals and desires and we support our individual pursuits. Make no mistake we are and always brothers. Nothing breaks the bond we share. God blessed the child that’s got his own.

Jodeci fans can rest assured that these four will be singing “Forever My Lady” until they’re old and grey.


Authored by: Eleven8