Offset Reveals He Didn’t Realize Migos’ 2013 Song ‘Versace’ Became A Hit Or Received A Drake Feature Because Of His Incarceration

Offset, Migos, Drake

Offset Reveals He Didn’t Realize Migos’ 2013 Song ‘Versace’ Became A Hit Or Received A Drake Feature Because Of His Incarceration

Rap star Offset apparently missed out on his initial rise to stardom.

The musician shared in a recent interview how he discovered one of his songs went viral while he was serving a prison sentence.


Offset, real name Kiari Cephus, 31, was asked during the sit down about the moment he and his former group Migos realized they made it in the industry. Explaining how the group’s 2013 record “Versace” catapulted their careers, he stated:

“So I was incarcerated when my song [Versace] popped, and then Drake got on my song,”

He continued:

“I was in a jail cell one day, right? And they doing count…I’m up and [the guard is] singing my song as he do count. So the whole time I’m in there, I’m not telling people what’s going on ’cause I really don’t know what’s really going on. I just know we was in, like, a motion but I’m in jail…my mind’s everywhere. I’m in a bad space. And the guard doing the count and he singing, ‘Versace, Versace, Versace’…As he walked off, he’s singing the song. I’m like, yo, what the f**k?”


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Offset added that he began calling people from back home after the moment happened, at which time he learned that Drake, a budding superstar at the time, had hopped on a remix of the track. He continued:

“Soon as we got out, I get on the phone, call back home like, ‘Yo’…they like ‘Yeah, Drake on it’. I’m like, ‘What?’…[the] homies like, ‘Yea [Versace] on the radio,’ but I’m not knowing…I’m thinking…they got it played on the radio once or twice…real quick or something and then it’s like, nah. I had to sit down for, like, four more months as that went on.”

Offset, Quavo, Takeoff circa 2016

Back in 2013, the “Rich Flair” rapper served time in a Georgia jail for violating probation from a prior felony conviction he had for burglary and theft. While this was happening, his group Migos, also comprised of Quavious Marshall aka Quavo, and Kirsnick Ball aka Takeoff, was just beginning to see success in their growing music career. Together, the band would go on to release their first studio album “Young Rich Nation” in 2015 and drop their first #1 single “Bad & Boujee” in 2017. That same year Migos also released their second studio album “Culture,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

“Culture” cover art

After cementing themselves as one of the most prominent rap groups of this generation, the Migos members began pursuing solo projects while remaining a group. In 2019, Offset released his first solo alum “Father of 4,” which featured his top 40 hit “Clout” with wife Cardi B. Migos went on to drop two more studio albums, “Culture II” and “Culture III” before Takeoff was tragically murdered in a shooting back in 2022. His death ultimately resulted in the group’s permanent disbandment.

If you recall, Migos was already broken up at the time, reportedly due to unspecified tensions surrounding Offset and Quavo’s relationship.

However, the pair did reunite on stage earlier this year for a BET performance honoring Takeoff’s life and legacy.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson