Blueface Slams Soulja Boy For Not Showing Up To Fight Amid Heated Social Media Feud: ‘He Don’t Want No Problems’

Blueface Slams Soulja Boy For Not Showing Up To Fight Amid Heated Social Media Feud: ‘He Don’t Want No Problems’

Blueface and Soulja Boy may not end 2023 with a bang after all.

If you didn’t know, over the weekend, Blueface and Soulja Boy got into an online quarrel, which oddly enough, stemmed from a Funny Marco interview.

Blueface, Funny Marco

The newly-established beef reportedly sparked from an episode of comedic influencer Funny Marco’s ‘Open Thoughts,’ where Blueface was asked if he’d win against fellow rapper Soulja Boy in a Verzuz battle.

The 26-year-old rhymer replied:

“To be honest, I’m a professional performer, so I can beat anybody. I can outperform anybody… hit-for-hit.”

Soulja Boy

Funny Marco then challenged the “Thotiana” lyricist’s stance, mentioning Soulja Boy’s musical accolades throughout his uber-successful, decade-plus career.

Blueface furthered,

“Name three Soulja Boy songs.”

After Marco listed the “Crank That” phenomenon’s bops, the California native settled with:

“Shout-out to f*cking Soulja. I f*ck with Soulja.”

Although Blueface didn’t throw any (direct) shade at Soulja, Big Draco got wind of his comments and didn’t necessarily like the idea of someone claiming they could win against him in any form.

Soulja said on Instagram Live,

“You gon’ perform ‘Buss Down Thotiana’ five times in a row. Cut it out, n*gga!”

He added:

“I got songs with 50 Cent… all types of sh*t. Like, bro, do you really know my catalog? Come on, bruh! ‘Gucci Bandana’ with Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo. Rest in peace, Shawty Lo. N*gga, don’t make me go in the vault… n*gga, I’ll get to pulling out sh*t with Bow Wow and sh*t, n*gga. N*gga, what? I’ll get to pulling out sh*t with Yo Gotti, get to pulling out sh*t with [The] Game. You know how many songs I got, buddy?”

The 33-year-old bragged,

“I’ll get to pulling out sh*t with Snoop Dogg! N*gga, I got songs with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Bow Wow–whoever! Name ’em! Trey Songz, Omarion! N*gga, everybody!”


While things started as (what appeared to be) casual rap banter, Blueface took it a step further in his response and revealed that he and the mother of Soulja’s son had a “fling” in the past.

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter),

“I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit.”

Apparently… Jackilyn Martinez, the mother of Soulja’s baby boy, was seen in Blueface’s “Fucced Em” video, which was shot around five years ago.


According to Blueface, he had all the smoke for Soulja once he heard his children’s mother/wifey, Jaidyn Alexis, being brought into the mix.

Jaidyn Alexis

From there, the two artists engaged in quite the back-and-forth, even trading shots over Blueface’s infamous ex/second baby’s mother, Chrisean Rock.

Soulja posted,

“I’m gonna f*ck Jaidyn and Chrisean since u wanna troll @bluefacebleedem let the games begin. I love it.”

Blueface responded:

“Let’s see… idk what you talm bout Chrisean for that ain’t my Bm scientifically proven…yah Bm been f*cked get back lame n*gga.”

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there, and Blueface shared a screenshot of an (alleged) sex tape that he had with Martinez–along with another series of posts.

Eventually, Soulja and Blueface agreed to meet up in the Los Angeles streets and square up, but… it didn’t (exactly) go as planned.

Blueface then ran to X and accused Soulja of dodging the fade at their designated location.

He expressed,

“We all knew he wouldn’t show. He bet not say none else after today.”


However, Soulja countered Blueface’s statement by informing his X followers that it was Blueface who wasn’t on-site for the occasion.

He wrote,

“I’m slapping the sh*t out u and punching on u on my terms. B*tch who said u run sh*t and get to pick the time and place. Don’t worry it’s on the way.”

After Blueface framed Soulja as a backtracker, the “She Make It Clap” emcee added:

“Now stop tweeting about me b4 I pop out tonight and we slid thru u wasn’t there. prolly had 12 waiting on us.”

The chatter spilled over to another app when Blueface and Soulja carried it to Instagram Live on Sunday (Dec. 17), with thousands of fans in the comments as they ruthlessly went at each other.

From Blueface taunting Soulja about his baby’s mother to Soulja demonstrating on a punching bag how he would lay the fellow rhymer out, it wasn’t long before clips of the interaction spread like wildfire on the internet.


Additionally, Blueface took to his Instagram Stories to further clown Soulja for not showing up to their planned brawl.

He said,

“Soulja Boy’s a b*tch. He don’t want no problems.”

The reality TV star went on:

“I’m ultra touchable. I want a n*gga to come tap my shoulder and say, ‘Yeah, we could’ve did this and that.’ But oh yeah… you should’ve did it already because now we’re finna make an example out of you.”

Blueface concluded,

“‘Nobody’s untouchable, cuz. The difference between me and these n*ggas is… when you touch them they get nervous; when you touch me I get h*rny.”


Despite receiving a meet-up address from Soulja, Blueface (seemingly) had to surf the area (documented on his Instagram Stories) in search of the Chicago native, but to no avail.

As for when the men will have a face-to-face, no one knows… at this point.

Who do you think would win this fight? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell