Christian Keyes On His “Traumatic Childhood” & Future Of His Career While Seemingly Responding To Backlash Over Not Naming Hollywood Exec He’s Accusing Of Sexual Harassment

Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes On His “Traumatic Childhood” & Future Of His Career While Seemingly Responding To Backlash Over Not Naming Hollywood Exec He’s Accusing Of Sexual Harassment

Actor Christian Keyes is doing his best to help people understand the difficultly of coming forward about his near sexual assault.

The TV star uploaded a lengthy post recently following criticism he’s been receiving due to not not sharing the identity of his alleged abuser.

Posting a video of himself previously discussing the severe physical and mental abuse he endured as a child at the hands of his adopted mother, Christian Keyes wrote:

“This is from an interview I did with @atlblackstar a little while back. Maybe it’ll be a little easier to understand why it was difficult to speak up about it, difficult to find the courage. These powerful people target people with traumatic childhoods, and use that to bond with them and earn their trust, then they try their “attempts”…”

He continued:

“Once you go through anything like I went through, for years as a kid. This new trauma can almost make you shut down again.”

Keyes went on to add that although he’s repeatedly turned down employers who offered him money in exchange for sexual favors, he’s still always worried about the future of his career and others who may have to experience the same thing. He added:

“And even though in the moment, you find the strength to say NO to the attempt, you still may not be strong enough to speak up, or brave enough. Worrying about if this person was going to take away, my livelihood, worrying about how many other people are out there that that weren’t strong enough to say no and they actually said yes. Is this person still doing it… still pressuring people to walk away from their integrity, and their morals, for an opportunity… you pray and gather the strength to speak up, and most people are in your corner and believe you…I’m not going to respond to the ignorant or negative comments that have been made. I just pray that those people never have to experience themself or never have any family members that go through anything this traumatic, and then they have people, talking ish about them, who don’t even know them…”

As we recently reported, the actor has been circulating headlines over the past few days after claiming that he’s been sexually harassed for years by a “powerful man in Hollywood”. Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on who the individual could be, with many debating whether or not media titan Tyler Perry could be the culprit as he and Keyes have extensively worked together over the years.

Though he did subsequently like a tweet suggesting that he actually was not speaking about Perry, Keyes has still refrained from naming his abuser. He claims that the information will be shared only after he’s had a chance to take evidence he’s collected to police. This action, however, has prompted many social media users to criticize his choice to come forward before he’s ready to name his assailant. Many have argued that he shouldn’t be speaking publicly about the situation if he’s not going to air out the individual so others can be aware. Commenters especially took offense after Keyes took to the comments section writing:

“if I say who it is, it’ll break y’all hearts…”

At this time, Keyes has not shared when exactly he plans to get authorities involved. It doesn’t appear that Perry has reacted to his name being involved either.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson