Actor Christian Keyes Says White Woman Harassed Him For Not Wearing Face Mask Outside [VIDEO]

 Christian Keyes Is Harassed By A White Lady In The Neighborhood About Not Wearing A Face Mask And It Is Hilarious To Watch

Actor Christian Keyes, most widely recognized for his starring role in Tyler Perry’s “What’s Done in the Dark”, recently took to social media, documenting his unpleasant experience with a woman who he says harassed him.

The video begins with a middle-aged Caucasian woman standing at the end of a driveway arguing about the state laws in reference to wearing face masks. Christian Keyes disagrees with her completely as he states:

“The most recent ordination says that you have to have a mask on you or on your face. That’s the law. Can you go Karen somewhere else Karen? Can you go Karen somewhere else? Karen Karen is going to Karen…”

He adds,

“We’re exercising – we’re minding our business. Do the same! You should try it! It’s wonderful! Miiiiind your business! Leave us alone, Karen. Go Karen elsewhere. We’re not bothering you. You come over here and harass us all the time. Go. Karen. Somewhere else.”

Karen is a term that the black community has coined to mock an irritable and racist white woman that discriminates against black people for simply being black and living their lives.

She continues to argue with the actor that she says the same thing to all people all of the time — and she’s telling him about the ordinance concerning face masks. Christian Keyes, interrupts her as he tells her he is fully aware of the current laws in place in light of the COVID-19:

“Yes, you must have one with you or on you. I have one on me. Which means leave me alone, you’re not law enforcement. You’re Karen enforcement. You’re Karen enforcement. Please go Karen elsewhere.”

The lady moves in closer to make her point and Keyes asks her to stay her distance as he “doesn’t want no Karen” on him. She responds accusing the actor of “fat shaming” her. To this, he says:

“I did not fat shame you – you flipped me off – you said “eff you” to me and I said maybe if you kept yourself up a little better somebody would provide you with that service.”

He continues,

“That’s not fat shaming. You cursed me out. You get the same amount of respect that you put out. I pay taxes in this area too. These ain’t your stairs, Karen! The legal rules are have a mask on you or with you. I have one on me Karen so you can go leave me alone. Stop harassing us. You don’t harass nobody else like this but black people.”

She shakes her head in disagreement and begins pointing at several others in the area saying,

“You should have a mask on… You should have a mask..”

See the clip.

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Written By: Brittney O

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta