Jonathan Majors Set To Appear In First Interview Since Being Found Guilty On Charges Related To Harassing His Ex Girlfriend

Jonathan Majors Set To Appear In First Interview Since Being Found Guilty On Charges Related To Harassing His Ex Girlfriend

Movie star Jonathan Majors is ready to tell his side of things after nearly a year of silence.

The actor is set to discuss his infamous domestic assault trial soon, weeks after being handed a guilty verdict.

Reportedly, Jonathan Majors will sit down with ABC News Live “Prime” anchor Linsey Davis for the talk. The discussion will reportedly air on ‘Good Morning America’ this coming Monday (January 8th). It’s assumed the main topic of the conversation will be his recently ended assault trial involving his ex girlfriend Grace Jabbari. In case you’re unfamiliar, the 34-year-old was recently found guilty on charges related to a domestic dispute that happened back in March of last year, which has resulted in him taking quite a hit to his career.

At the time of his arrest, the “Creed 3” star was accused of strangling and harassing the British dancer. Police arrived to the scene where Jabbari reportedly had a broken finger and laceration to her ear, concluding that Majors was behind the attack. He was detained and stood trial over the incident, and was controversially found guilty on 2 of 4 charges. The verdict found him liable of one count of harassment in the second degree, and misdemeanor assault in the third degree. However, he was notably acquitted on charges of assault and aggravated harassment.

During the trial, video evidence came out that showed in full the incident that led to Jabbari’s injuries. A clip showed Majors attempting to exit the vehicle the two were riding in after getting into a heated argument. However, seeing as though Jabbari would not let him leave – consistently trying to pull him back in, Majors is seen aggressively shoving her back into the car and causing the wounds.

Many felt the video was enough to vindicate the entertainer as he is also seen running for blocks, seemingly trying to distance himself from the situation. Legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff also noted that jurors essentially decided that though the actor was responsible for the injuries, they were ultimately not inflicted intentionally.

However, the guilty verdict still proved somewhat detrimental to his career. Almost immediately after the trial ended, it was reported that he lost one of his biggest movie contracts, which was a multi-film deal starring as Marvel’s next big villain Kang The Conqueror. Majors has already appeared in at least two projects for the comic book brand, though it’s unclear at this time how they plan to move forward.

There has been no word on other projects he’s been involved with at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson