Jonathan Majors – Driver Claims Actor’s Ex Grace Jabbari Hit Him & ‘Became Very Angry’ While In The Backseat Of Vehicle: ‘He Was Not Doing Anything’

Jonathan Majors, Grace Jabbari

Jonathan Majors – Driver Claims Actor’s Ex Grace Jabbari Hit Him & ‘Became Very Angry’ While In The Backseat Of Vehicle: ‘He Was Not Doing Anything’

A testimony from a key witness might have drastically changed the narrative that’s currently surrounding Jonathan Majors.

For those who may be unaware, In March the 34-year-old was accused of assaulting his then-girlfriend, professional dancer Grace Jabbari, while in the backseat of an SUV. Following the incident, Jonathan Majors was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree with intent to cause physical injury, assault in the third degree recklessly causing physical injury, aggravated harassment in the second degree, and harassment in the second degree. The “Devotion” star has maintained his innocence and even accused Grace Jabbari, 30, of being the aggressive one the night the incident occurred.

Grace Jabbari

Today (Dec. 11) Naveed Sarwar – the driver of the vehicle from the night the physical dispute took place – took the stand and testified that Jonathan Majors “was not doing anything.” Sarwar – who spoke through an Urdu interpreter – reportedly shared with the court that he kept his eyes on the road the best he could as,

“Many things were happening, I had the feeling the girl had hit the boy.”

According to reports, Sarwar was informed by the judge a few times to only speak on things he knows for sure happened and not what he thinks.

It’s alleged that the altercation ensued after Grace Jabbari saw texts from another woman on Majors’ phone. The driver continued with his testimony, claiming that “the girl became very angry,” but the Marvel star “was not doing anything, she was doing it.”

Sarwar also said that Majors was “trying to get rid” of Jabbari. The driver added,

“He was saying, ‘Leave me alone, I have to go.’”

As Majors tried to leave the SUV Jabbari followed him, prompting the entertainer to attempt to “push her into the car,” according to Sarwar. Eventually, the former couple “both left” the vehicle on foot.

Reportedly, Jabbari testified last week that after she snatched Majors’ phone over the text message, he twisted her right arm and she soon felt a “really hard blow against my head” that “took me aback.”

While on the stand she also became emotional as she read text between her and Majors that reportedly followed a September 2022 domestic violence incident. Key moments of the alleged altercation were not revealed, but the text did seemingly show how Majors convinced Jabbari not to seek medical attention after he allegedly struck her.

Jonathan Majors


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel