Michelle Obama Admits Marriage Is Hard But Says She ‘Wouldn’t Trade’ Her 31 Years Of Marriage For Anything: I Don’t Want People Looking At Me & Barack Like Hashtag Couples Goals

Michelle Obama Admits Marriage Is Hard But Says She ‘Wouldn’t Trade’ Her 31 Years Of Marriage For Anything: I Don’t Want People Looking At Me & Barack Like Hashtag Couples Goals

Everyone wants that Barack and Michelle Obama type of love!

However, despite their infectious romance, former First Lady Michelle Obama made it clear that with their ups have also come many downs.

Michelle Obama

In a recent interview, Michelle Obama candidly opened up about her publicized marriage to ex-president Barack Obama and how they’ve successfully sustained three decades together.

When asked if they’d ever said anything they later regretted to each other in their partnership, the 59-year-old told the interviewer,

“What… in my marriage? Of course! Yesterday. [laughs] You know, that’s the practice of relationships, right? After thirty-one years, yeah, we still do it, but you know it quicker. And then you apologize. You know? You learn how to say, ‘My bad.'”

She continued, elaborating on why she strives to create a safe space for conversations about the struggles within relationships. Obama shared:

“Most people don’t talk about [marriage]. Like, our parents… you didn’t talk about your marriage, you didn’t talk about your feelings. Your parents didn’t tell you about the challenges they were facing. So, why? Why don’t we share the whole experience… because what happens is that by not knowing, you hit, in your relationship, some natural, like understandable rough patches and you want to quit! And it’s like… oh, no, no, no, no, no! That’s not quit-worthy. That’s just the nature of things.”

Michelle and Barack Obama

The Illinois native then expanded on not giving up through the challenges and working through them instead.

She expressed,

“You’re mad at your partner? You’re mad for a year, and you think the marriage is over? Nah, nah! You’re going to have decades of ‘I don’t know if I like you.’ You know? Because, over the span of a thirty-year marriage, yeah, you cobble together enough arguments and you got a decade, right? And that’s just the way it goes, but you don’t quit on it, right? You learn from it. And that’s what sustaining a relationship is. It’s the choice to figure it out, not to quit when it gets hard.”

Acknowledging the hardships she and her husband, Barack, have faced, she furthered,

“Of course, it’s going to be hard, you know, but I wouldn’t trade in my marriage for anything in the world… with all the ups and downs, with all the running for president stuff. Why’d you do that? [laughs] I mean, talk about that being a big gaping thing in our lives! But the good has outweighed it. And if we hadn’t hung in there, we would’ve missed all the good.”

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, and two daughters.

Additionally, Mrs. Obama cited the importance of choosing a person you can love and respect through it all.

She stated:

“First of all, pick well. Pick somebody you respect and like. Start there, right? And then remember that that’s who they are. And then understand that with that, they are going to be–and you are going to be–deeply, deeply flawed [laughs] And you’re going to make a whole lot of mistakes, right? But, in the end, you can look that person in the eye and you go, ‘You’re still the person that I like and love and respect, and we can figure this out.”

‘The Light We Carry’ author added,

“I don’t people looking at me and Barack like hashtag couples goals and not know that, ‘No, no! There [are] some broken things that happen even in the best of marriages!'”

Barack and Michelle married in 1992. Together, they share two children: Malia and Sasha.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell