Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Mr. Papers Tells Her ‘If You Cheat, Imma Kill You B****’, She Responds

Lil Kim, Mr Papers

Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Mr. Papers Tells Her ‘If You Cheat, Imma Kill You B****’, She Responds

Mr. Papers had a few words for the mother of his child, rapper Lil KimAnd she didn’t mind sharing a few with him either.

The 32-year-old rapper and father of two took to Instagram yesterday (Aug. 10) and shared this message:

“If you cheat, imma kill you b****”

Lil Kim reposted it and added her own message:

“If you cheat, Ima sue you.”

While these statements sparked lots of controversy, Mr. Papers, whose real name is Jeremy Neil returned to the social media app, in the middle of his skincare routine, and showed the public that he and Lil Kim are nowhere near splitting up.

He hopped on his Instagram stories last night (Aug.10), with a gold under-eye mask and asked Lil Kim,

“You love me?”

She replies,

“So much.”

Mr. Papers then proceeds to ask the female emcee how much, and she answers,

“Like so much. I can’t even believe how real it is.”

He closes the video out, jokingly letting her know she’s been caught on camera.

“I caught you on camera saying that bullsh*t”

They also had a moment where she played with his hair on his Instagram feed.

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers were on a messy path back in 2015-2016 during a nasty custody battle over their daughter, six-year-old Royal Reign.

Mr. Papers, Lil Kim and their daughter Royal Reign

But they seem to have found their way back to each other. He even suggested they’re working on having a second child together last month. He replied to a fan who said she was waiting for them to have a second child and wrote,

“we 2 steps ahead of you”

It’s safe to say Lil Kim and her now mystery ex-boyfriend, who went under the alias “ The Great Leader,” didn’t work out. Back in December, she mentioned relocating so they could live in the same state.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta