Plies Admits That He’s ‘Never Went Out On A Real Date,’ Fans Flood Rapper’s Comments w/ Offers: ‘I Think It’s Time For Me To Get My Man’

Plies Admits That He’s ‘Never Went Out On A Real Date,’ Fans Flood Rapper’s Comments w/ Offers: ‘I Think It’s Time For Me To Get My Man’

It looks like Plies is seeking more than a “Bust It Baby” these days!

Over the weekend, rapper Plies took to his Instagram to share his 2024 plans, which include going on a “real” date for (seemingly) the first time… ever.


In the two-minute clip, Plies began with Johnny Gill’s classic track “My, My, My” playing in the background, as he vibed out to the melodic sound of the New Edition singer’s iconic voice.

The “Ran Off on Da Plug Twice” phenomenon sung along to Gill,

“Put on your red dress / And slip on your high heels / And some of that sweet perfume / It sure smells good on you / Slide on your lipstick / And let all your hair down / ‘Cause, baby, when you get through / I’m going to show you.”

Following his car-karaoke session, Plies added:

“I done made a commitment to myself tonight. Listen… this year, I’m going out on a date. I’m going out on a date! I ain’t never went out on a real date, ever, in my life. I just ain’t never did it.”


However, the Florida native didn’t end it there. Although he was comfortable enough to let us in on his personal life (a little), he didn’t expand on the reason why he’d never experienced it.

Instead, Plies proceeded to detail how he’d like the magical occasion to go, doubling down on his craving for the romantics of it all.

The 47-year-old expressed,

“I got a lot of reasons why I ain’t never did it, but I ain’t never did it. I wanna go out on a full date. I’m talking about pick you up, get out like a gentleman, open the door for you. [laughs] I’m paying for everything!”

Plies furthered:

“I done paid for everything–I done did that all my life. But I want to go out on a full [date]. I wanna hold hands! Everything. You know, I ain’t never held hands in public… ever, in my life… ever!”


He then concluded by making it known that he’ll get his fairy tale outing… once and for all. Plies closed with,

“I’ma tell you something I always seen and always wanted to do before God calls for me. You seen them people walking around in the mall? The couples? And [the man] got his hand in [her] back pocket? [laughs] I gotta do it, I gotta do it! I gotta get my hand in that back pocket! I gotta do that. Ladies, listen, 2024, I’ma go out on a date. I just want a real date, to feel normal, for one time.”


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Of course, following his heartfelt post, ladies wasted no time running to the comments and presenting themselves as a potential candidate for a date with Plies.

Tagging a friend underneath the video, one user said,

“I think it’s time for me to get my man.”

Another one wrote:

“Let’s go baby. #waitingforyou.”

See what else they had to say below!

We’re hoping Plies’ wish comes true.

What would be your ideal date with him? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell