Malaysia Pargo Reveals She Had A Miscarriage During Her Last Season Of ‘Basketball Wives’: ‘I Was So Broken’

Malaysia Pargo Reveals She Had A Miscarriage During Her Last Season Of ‘Basketball Wives’: ‘I Was So Broken’

Malaysia Pargo reveals the cameras didn’t show everything that she experienced, on and off camera, during her last season of Basketball Wives.’

Malaysia Pargo

During a sit-down interview posted on CEO and executive producer Carlos King’s podcast Wednesday (Feb. 13), Malaysia Pargo says she was in a “stupid relationship” that she was dealing with during the show.

As a result, Malaysia Pargo said she lost her baby during pregnancy.

“I had a miscarriage during the situation.”

The Compton native added, 

“I was so stressed out.”

In addition to dealing with a miscarriage, Pargo also said her mom was sick.

“I was going through it, and when I say that, I was so broken.”

Also during the interview, Pargo discussed why she left the VH1 reality series, which she joined in 2011, as well as her divorce from Indiana Pacers coach Jannero Pargo, her friendship with former co-star Brandi Maxwell, and her new show ‘Bold and Bougie.’

When asked, Pargo shared how she felt about embarking on a new reality T.V. series,

“‘Bold and Bougie’ is my new baby, my heart, I love the women. I mean just like-minded women with beautiful hearts that already got their sh*t together, that already know how to play ball. And you don’t know what breath of fresh air it is to be around b*tches that got sh*t to lose.”

‘Bold and Bougie’ is about a group of women breaking ageist and societal norms in Atlanta, Georgia. It stars PargoCrystal Smith, Gocha Hawkins, Malaysia Pargo, Princess Banton-Lofters, and Tameka Foster.

The show is also produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment, with Carlos King as Executive Producer.

Carlos King

Pargo starred in Basketball Wives L.A. until its end in 2016. She then returned in 2017 when the show revived as Basketball Wives.

Malaysia Pargo

Fast forward to February 2023, she revealed she had decided to step back from the show.

Pargo said at the time,

“I enjoy doing ‘Basketball Wives’. It’s been 10 years, but at a point, you have to realize and say, ‘I love a baby that don’t love me back,’ so I’ve to walk away from the group and this show.” 

Pargo has three kids: Jannero Jr., born in “2006, and twins Jayla and Jayden, born in 2011.

Prayers for Malaysia Pargo as she heals from her loss.

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Authored by: B Gregory